On sale, the Netatmo thermostat cuts your energy bill by 30%


For Black Friday, Amazon is showing crazy discounts on the Netatmo range. The brand, originally from France, is well known in the connected objects market with its smart thermostat, weather station and surveillance cameras.

Netatmo is a French brand specialized in connected objects for the home. The weather station and surveillance cameras are efficient and easy to install, but it is the connected thermostat that is most popular. This gives you more insight into and management of your energy consumption. According to figures from Netatmo, it could cut the bill by 30%.

For Black Friday, Amazon has exclusivity on the Netatmo range with crazy discounts. We’ve listed them below. Please note that the famous connected thermostat has completely collapsed in recent months due to the energy crisis in France. Hardly in stock, here it also loses 35% of its initial price.

To see all the offers, it’s here:

I use offers from Netatmo

Netatmo is a very popular brand, the range does not need discounts to sell in bulk for the rest of the year. Because of this, it is certain that the breaks will arrive on Amazon extremely quickly. At the same time, the trader proposes the best prices especially for this period, which will also contribute to the rapid disappearance of references. If you are interested in any of the discounted items, don’t wait any longer.

The Netatmo thermostat, convenient and efficient

The Netatmo range aims to be complete and varied at the same time. The main common point of all these connected objects is that they are easy to install and then configure. Once they are in place, you can easily aim them so that it becomes a habit in your daily life. This is confirmed by the weather station of the French brand, which presents itself as one of its bestsellers due to its functionalities.

The Netatmo weather station consists of two modules. One is placed directly at your home, for example in your living room, while the other is placed outside your home. With these two devices you can know the temperature, humidity, air quality, but also the atmospheric pressure and the weather. Plus, an alert lets you know when to vent to find better air quality in your home. To this you can add the additional elements that are also at low prices on Amazon, you have the choice between the rain gauge and the anemometer.

At the same time, the Netatmo smart thermostat has also been one of the public’s favorite connected objects since its release. He will get all the attention this winter, because one of his goals is to let you save energy. To do this, all you have to do is connect it to your smartphone via WiFi to easily adjust the temperature. One of the most popular features is the Auto-Adapt mode, an option that takes into account the insulation of the house and the outside temperature to start heating at the right time without consuming too much. You receive a monthly report of your consumption and you have access to a program based on your lifestyle.

I use offers from Netatmo

The Netatmo connected thermostat has an elegant and modern look, the object was designed by designer Philippe Starck. It can be easily installed in the room of your choice with your favorite color to display the actual temperature and the temperature target you want to achieve. Like the other references in the range, it is a small clog that promises great savings in time and energy.

Exclusive benefits on Amazon

Netatmo relies on several connected objects to maintain the popularity it has gained over the years. In addition to the smart thermostat and weather station, it offers excellent surveillance cameras. One of them is installed indoors, while you can also choose the special outdoor model. The latter is equipped with an alarm to deter intruders, it is easy to set to film day and night. With these prices, the entire range becomes much more accessible at Amazon, so now is the time to choose the object of your dreams.

For the first time this year, Amazon relies on the best price guarantee. If you find one of these Netatmo connected objects at a lower price before November 28, you will be refunded the difference between its offer and the others. Consequently, you have every interest in placing an order on its site, because in all cases you are entitled to the most interesting prices. He is the only one who can boast of offering this benefit and this applies to all Black Friday offers.

On the other hand, Amazon has revised its waiting time upwards. Instead of 30 days, you have until January 31, 2023 to return an order, whether it’s the Netatmo range or not. In any case, the procedure is free and the refund is in full on the product you return. Again, no one can do so well in France, anticipating Christmas is a great asset.

Whether you want to give one of these connected Netatmo objects as a gift or keep it for yourself, this returns window pushed to the end of January will give you a head start on the holiday season. This advantage gives you the best prices and the anticipation of Christmas, enough to avoid the crowds on the eve of December 24. You have what it takes to place an order without taking any risk, so remember to be reactive during Black Friday.

To see the Netatmo range, it’s here:

I use offers from Netatmo

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