On Twitter, Elon Musk lifts account suspensions and recruits an old enemy


Elon Musk Allows All Banned Accounts To Return To Twitter, But At What Cost?

Not a day goes by without Twitter – now owned by Elon Musk – being talked about. While many predict the imminent death of the social network, the American billionaire has decided to grant amnesty to all suspended accounts on the platform. The operation began this week, with Kanye West returning from Donald Trump, but ultimately plans to continue. In a post shared on Nov. 23, Twitter’s boss launched a new poll asking internet users’ opinions on the rehabilitation of all banned accounts who have neither broken the law nor published spam messages.

After obtaining a large majority of votes for the “Yes”, Elon Musk finally decided:The people have spoken, the amnesty will take effect next week. Vox Populi, Vox Deli“. In reality, it is difficult to know who will be affected by this rehabilitation. Musk has previously opposed the return of some conspiracy theorists (who haven’t strictly broken the law, though), and illegal actions on Twitter are actually rarer than they seem. This does not stop some internet users from engaging in objectionable behavior online.

A hacker to save Twitter

Among the recent decisions of Elon Musk, we can also mention the arrival at the blue bird of the hacker George Hotz. In 2015, Tesla’s boss had already addressed the computer scientist by presenting him with a major challenge: to create an autonomous driving system that is as efficient as that of the Israeli company Mobileye. At the time, he promised her $12 million, but planned to withdraw $1 million a month late. The work finally arrives on time, but Elon Musk refuses to pay, believing the system provided by George Hotz is not efficient enough. However, the hacker is offered a place of choice at Tesla, which he refuses to set up his own autonomous driving company, which now supplies Toyota, Hyundai and Honda.

This time, the two rivals seem to have found common ground. George Hotz is 12 weeks old for “fix broken and unusable search enginefrom Twitter. Without specifying the terms of his contract this time, the hacker intends to carry out his mission, despite the doubts of Internet users.

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