Online programming course for older kids so they can learn Python


Most programming courses for kids are based on Scratch, a popular platform that teaches programming logic by dragging and dropping blocks. It’s ideal for little ones before they launch into the world of pure and simple programming.

The fact is, there is a next step, and today I’m going to show you a pretty eye-catching option.

This is, a new programming learning platform for Gen Z, ideal for those who are already too old for Scratch and and too young for bootcamps.

This course features multiple content curated by world-class educators and engineers that works in both the classroom and online environment.

What they offer:

– Courses: The Legend of Python course is where we should start when we start learning to code.
– Projects: A catalog of project tutorials perfect for developers to create real applications.
– Community: A Discord community with weekly events and code mentors to help 24/7.

The style of the site is very vintage, all pixelated, intuitive and with layers that grow little by little, almost without realizing it. I wouldn’t recommend it without doing Scratch first, but I was really impressed with the approach.

They don’t want to be a website for our kids to hang out on, they want schools to use Codedex so students learn to code for real, and this part of Projects makes it very clear because they’re real applications, which can be made almost from scratch.

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