Online veterinarians in multiple languages ​​ready to receive your advice


Online solutions where doctors of different specialties can help us in everyday life are very common, but with veterinarians it is a bit more complex.

Although most people already have a trusted vet on their WhatsApp and any questions can be transmitted through this channel in minutes, on many other occasions there is no such thing as a “family vet” so you have to search the good internet for help.

What’s new is the site I’m recommending today, which registers helpful veterinarians, stating the languages ​​they speak, so the platform is as international as possible.

It comes from and is presented as a solution to avoid self-diagnosing with unverified advice from Google or waiting dangerously while a condition worsens.

Online Vet offers first class advice via video call with highly qualified and fully certified veterinarians.

The first consultation can be free with the code PH100 ​​they revealed in Producthunt where the owners featured the platform today.

Specializing in medical care for cats and dogs, they allow you to schedule a video consultation with a certified veterinarian anytime, 7 days a week, which is quicker than an appointment at a vet clinic.

They also have a smart symptom checker that can help you figure out what’s wrong with your pet, how bad it is, and if you should see a vet.

Finally, they offer pet insurance, although it’s not available in all countries.

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