Orange is sacrificing the price of its Livebox Fiber for Black Friday


Want to pick up speed and get fiber? It is now or never. Orange will reduce the price of its Livebox until November 30.

Taking advantage of the Fiber is a real everyday comfort. Whether it’s working in the best conditions, enjoying an optimal gaming experience or watching series without lag, we all like to browse at full speed. If you dream of equipping yourself with fiber for less than 20 euros a month, we have good news. On the occasion of Black Friday, Orange unveils an offer not to be missed under any circumstances. We tell you everything about the Livebox Fiber offer at 19.99 euros per month at Orange.

I use the offer at Orange

Black Friday is coming to Orange

Today, Orange is one of the best internet providers. The latter offers network quality and excellent customer service, there’s no denying that. Only, quality has a price and that can cool more than one. Sometimes the ISP lifts the veil on a golden offer on its Fiber formulas and you definitely shouldn’t miss it. In the middle of Black Friday, Orange joins the party and crushes the price of its Livebox Fiber until 30 Nov.

If it is at a low price, the Orange Fiber Livebox is no less complete. Internet, TV and telephone are available. This triple-play offering certainly has it all. For EUR 19.99 per month you get broadband fiber optics (up to 500 Mbit/s download and up to 500 Mbit/s upload), access to 140 TV channels with the Ultra HD decoder 4K (optional for EUR 40) and unlimited calls to landlines in France. With Orange, the Fiber connection is included in the price. After the first subscription year, the price of the Orange Fiber Livebox will go back to the initial price of EUR 41.99 per month.

Faced with competition, Orange strikes a blow. A triple-play offer as qualitative for less than 20 euros, it is extremely rare to find. The connection speed is sufficient, even if several people are under the same roof. The Livebox Fiber should therefore be suitable for most users.

By lowering the price of its Livebox Fiber for Black Friday, With Orange you save about 36 euros in the first year. If we take into account the initial price of this internet box after 12 months, you even make 264 euros savings the first year. Always good to take!

To take advantage of this golden offer, Orange asks you a twelve-month commitment. So you can cancel your contract before the ISP increases the price of the Livebox Fiber. But even for EUR 41.99 per month, Orange Fiber is one of the most interesting internet subscriptions on the market.

Orange: the right choice for your internet box

If you’re afraid of making your life more complicated by switching Internet providers, think again. You can subscribe to your new Orange Internet box in just 10 minutes. The only requirement? Eligible for fiberglass. To be sure, you need to go to the Orange website to enter your home address. A few seconds are enough for this. Then you only have to subscribe to the Orange Fiber Livebox for a year for 19.99 euros per month.

Finally, Orange pays you back up to 150 euros of your cancellation costs and arranges everything with your current supplier. Note that it is very rare for these costs to exceed such an amount, which almost guarantees you will be reimbursed in full. Finally, an expert will provide the Fiber connection at your home, at no extra cost, during the installation of your equipment.

To take advantage of the Orange Fiber Livebox for 19.99 euros per month before November 30, it’s here:

I use the offer at Orange

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