Orion spacecraft captures photos of the Moon and Earth during the Artemis I mission


THE Mission Artemis I, which launched the Orion spacecraft a few weeks ago, has already made headlines, mainly due to the photographic recordings made by the spacecraft. On occasion, the images were published via Twitter of the Artemis I mission and a profile, also on Twitter, which serves as a kind of “logbook” of the Orion🇧🇷 Take a look!

Orion records the Moon

On this last Monday, November 21, the ship Orion flew over the Moon remaining a little more than 100 km from its surface, allowing to record photos that impressed even the crew of the ship.

Orion spacecraft captures stunning photos of the moon during the Artemis I mission
Photo of the Moon, current records. Image: Twitter

This flyby took place in the farthest part of the Moon and shortly after the spacecraft’s thrusters activated, there was a positioning closer to the distant retrograde orbit, which is around the Moon.

The last time there was a passage of a space capsule on the Moon was in 1972, when the mission took place. Apollo 17 – that is, 50 years ago. Even this new travel also means it is possible to visit the landing sites, leading to the first time humans visited the Moon.

And also from Earth!

Not only by photographing our natural satellite, the Orion spacecraft also made an interesting record of our planet, for which jim free, a NASA employee, shared it on his Twitter profile. And in the video below, there’s an even more impressive record, showing planet Earth as a small blue ball in the black vastness of the universe.

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