Pensioners top of Senate bills clearout


Laws to free up larger housing by incentivizing retirees to downsize with sweeping concessions are among the pile of laws the government is trying to push through.

Labor is forcing a vote on the remaining legislation in the Senate on Friday to pave the way for its industrial relations and national anti-corruption commission bills next week.

He wants both passed before Parliament rises for the last time this year at the end of next week.

Time was also set aside on Thursday for laws to remove the handbrake on territories legislating euthanasia, with debate expected to last as long as necessary before moving to a vote.

A vote will be forced on any listed legislation that did not pass this afternoon, including the Pensioners Bill, biosecurity amendments, gender discrimination laws and electric car discounts.

Two extra sitting days were scheduled to cope with the volume of bills and the government changed its own “family” sitting hours to allow votes later in the night.

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