Perth model picked for season four of Netflix US-UK dating show Too Hot to Handle


A Perth model with “Australian flair and Prince Charming hair” is set to sizzle in season four of Netflix show Too Hot to Handle.

He is the third Australian to appear on Too Hot to Handle but the first from Perth.

The entrepreneur/model frequently posts shirtless photos on his Instagram account and has over 180,000 followers on TikTok.

He often uses his social media to promote his cookware business.

According to his biography, McKinnon is “used to dating several girls at once, without being held accountable.”

“He’s used to walking into a party and having all eyes on him.”

In a recent TikTok video, McKinnon claims he’s never had a girlfriend.

However, in a June 27 Instagram post, McKinnon pays tribute to fellow Australian influencer Taleah Meshae and calls her her soul mate.

Luckily for his fellow singles on Too Hot to Handle, he made this post from the “Friendzone.”

While we don’t know if he’s found love in the house, his latest TikTok video shows he’s found a kindred spirit in fellow countryman Seb Melrose.

Melrose is a racing driver from Glasgow who likes to live in the fast lane.

Too Hot to Handle takes 10 adults who typically engage in meaningless flings and struggle to form long-term relationships and puts them together in a house for four weeks.

They are forbidden from any kissing, sexual contact or self-gratification, and the prize money is reduced each time a rule is broken.

It’s hosted by a virtual assistant called Lana and saved by Bell star Mario Lopez.

This season, to attract a bunch of ignorant contestants, they created a fake show called Wild Love.

The contestants were told they had to “harness the power of adrenaline to help them fall in love harder and harder than ever before”.

The season four trailer revealed that it wouldn’t last long with host Lana’s signature intro informing the contestants that they were, in fact, on Too Hot to Handle.

This was met with horrified screams from the contestants.

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