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players are starting to get their money back

The new Purple and Scarlet versions are still being talked about due to the instability of the gameplay and the problems encountered.

The launch of Pokemon purple and scarlet is far from unanimous. Even if the players all agree that this is a major revolution in terms of the adventure on offer, the state of the game leaves much to be desired. Graphics bugs, loss of frames per second or even the overall quality of visuals are all concerns that lead players to sound the alarm (with good reason). Despite the dose of fun these versions can bring, their lack of finishing has driven them to the bottom. Of all the games, these are rated the lowest, even though they offer a controlled open world experience.

After the fury on social media, however, Nintendo is now facing a wave of irate gamers. After this first weekend of play, some have already started asking for refunds. Where it is normally impossible to succeed if a game does not meet expectations, the Japanese manufacturer is already making exceptions. Scandal Cyberpunk 2077 Nintendo style is starting to gain momentum on Reddit.

A game that is far from over

Players who bought the latest Game Freak through Nintendo eShop didn’t hesitate to make their case with Customer Support. Among the arguments made, the multitude of bugs affecting gameplay at every stage of the game is hard to deny. Faced with concrete evidence, Nintendo would have started issuing refunds without complaint. At least that’s what some Reddit users are saying and urging the rest of the community to do the same to shake up the Pokémon Company:

I got a refund from Violet on the eShop last night after realizing that the game is not in a condition I consider acceptable for a AAA game. The customer service representative told me that given the situation regarding the condition of Pokémon Scarlet and Purple, she would escalate my case to ensure that the refund was approved. I got it an hour later.

Other more outraged users are even calling for a boycott of the franchise to change things. “Many of you will go and defend this franchise until you die. But can you seriously look this game straight in the eye and tell me it was their best effortexclaimed Jaded_Goth in a Reddit post.

In some cases, Nintendo’s customer service seems more reserved, still waiting for the situation to change before offering a refund. Therefore, if you are disappointed with the game, you can try to win your case if you purchased the game in dematerialized form. Otherwise, it is always possible to wait and see if this scandal pushes Game Freak and the Pokémon Company to optimize the game and fix it from top to bottom through updates.

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