Pranay Manchanda: Bollywood Made Joke About Homosexuality in Past, Filmmakers Rectifying Their Mistakes Now | Exclusive


Pranay Manchanda was recently seen in Tara Vs Bilal with Harshvardhan Rane and Sonia Rathee. In the film, Pranay played the role of a gay doctor. In an exclusive interview with News18 Showsha, Manchanda was asked if it was difficult playing a gay character on screen. To this, the actor mentioned that he didn’t think it was difficult as a lot of work on the character had also been done by the show’s writers and director. However, Pranay shared that he felt the pressure of responsibility on himself while filming the series.

“We’ve seen that over the years in Hindi cinema, gay characters have been portrayed in a very stereotypical way. It’s also very limiting because you hardly humanize the character. Which this movie did beautifully with my character is that he presented it as a fully fleshed out character, and for me the hardest part was creating a full human being with that person,” he told us.

“The writers and directors had done so much work behind it and helped me so much throughout that it was all written for me in text form. I didn’t have to work very hard but I still felt the pressure and the responsibility. If you’re playing a stereotypical character, that’s lazy. It’s the easiest thing to do. But to find complexities in a person, that’s when you make them a real human being,” Pranay added.

Unfortunately, homosexuality is considered taboo by many in India. When asked if it made him hesitant to play a gay character on screen, the 32-year-old actor replied: “Absolutely not, I don’t see homosexuality as a taboo. Maybe there are people who see it as something different from what I think. In my mind, I don’t see him any differently than playing any other character. There was no apprehension in my mind.

Pranay further revealed that he was pretty excited about the role and added, “In fact, when someone told me about the role and I was offered it, I was very excited. was a huge challenge for me. The character is not just a gay man, he’s a doctor, living in London, a Gujarati. It was so different from who I am and the roles I’ve played before I was ready to jump on the script and start working on it.

During the interview, Pranay also explained how Bollywood made a joke about homosexuality with the portrayal of gay characters in the past, but added that the filmmakers are now correcting their mistakes. “A few decades ago they did this (made a joke about homosexuality). I agree with that. Now there are several people in the industry trying to change that and rectify past mistakes. I’m happy to work in an era where the emphasis is on creating realistic characters. Hopefully representation will become more and more important,” he concluded.

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