Premier Daniel Andrews takes aim at Liberals before Victorian election


Daniel Andrews had another round of choice words for his political opponents on the eve of the Victorian election.

The Prime Minister made the comments while at a kindergarten in Northcote, north Melbourne, on Friday morning.

Mr Andrews has focused on his party’s removal of level crossings over the past two terms, which he said the opposition planned to “remove”.

“This program will be scrapped if the Liberals win the election tomorrow,” he said.

Premiere at Kinder
Camera iconVictoria Premier Daniel Andrews took aim at the Liberals. David Crosling Credit: News Corp Australia

Mr Andrews then answered a reporter’s question about the Liberal Party’s costs, which were released on Thursday and explained how the level crossing cuts would be funded.

“Coalition costs indicate they have $8 billion for the removal of 29 level crossings…” the reporter asked before being cut off by Mr Andrews saying “no”.

“Well, you can go talk to them. Have they ever calculated how much it all costs? Have they already counted everything?

Mr Andrews went on to explain how he thinks the Liberals would tackle level crossing cuts if elected.

“They have abandoned the level crossing removal program except for a handful in Malvern. This is what they think leadership looks like,” he said.

“Making a community safe, instead of getting rid of 110 crossings…they’re basically cutting the program and it doesn’t make sense.

The comment came as Mr Andrews was in Northcote pledging a $24million funding boost for kindergartens and technical schools across the state.

Families would save up to $2,500 per child per year under this program, according to the government.

First at Kinder
Camera iconMr. Andrews announced increased funding ahead of the election. David Crosling Credit: News Corp Australia

Mr. Andrews pledged $15 million for one-time grants of $5,000 for each kindergarten in the state.

An additional $3.6 million would be used to start 150 Bush Kinder programs each year, broken down into grants of $6,000.

Ten new bilingual kindergartens across the state would be created with $3.7 million in funding.

Free kindergarten was an earlier election promise for three- and four-year-olds at 50 government-owned and operated child care centres.

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