Railways Shares ‘Magical’ Pictures Of Light Captured From Running Train


The photograph surprised many netizens.

The Ministry of Railways often shares updates on the growing railway network in the country and various initiatives undertaken by them on social media. However, this time they shared something different which amazed many netizens.

The ministry shared photos of light taken through a moving high-speed train on Twitter. They captioned the post as follows: “Magical play of light captured through the #LightAndSpeed ​​bandwagon.” The photos were originally published by The Train Story. Their Twitter account bio reads, “Picturesque biography. An initiative for the Indian Railway Network.”

According to the page, these images are part of “Chapter: The Train Chaser”. According to information available on the Train Story page, the idea behind the images reads: “Standing at the gate, as the train slowly leaves the station, hearing the Islamic call to bedtime prayer from afar of the sun, waving to the children standing on the track side, I begin my journey again and this time to experience the night on the train tracks.As the train speeds through the urban area, a different sight strikes my eyes and it is the lights flashing, like in any sci-fi movie scene. At the door, I witness this magical play of light through the moving train. Being…

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