RBP arrest three escapees; seven at large


jigmi wangdi

Police arrested three of the 10 detainees who escaped from Thimphu detention center in the early hours of November 22.

Two were arrested again in Thimphu and another Indian was arrested at Takti Koti on the Thimphu-Phuntsholing highway.

The detainees reportedly passed out through the window of the detention center’s restroom. It is believed the escapees used a hacksaw blade to cut through the window bars.

The police also arrested a person who took them to Kamji in Chukha. The Indian fugitive who was re-arrested was among seven people still at large.

The failings in the escape of the 10 prisoners are under investigation.

Deputy Police Chief Colonel Pasang Dorjee said the officers responsible would be held accountable. “We are inquiring.”

Colonel Pasang Dorji said the police are in contact with acquaintances and relatives of the fugitives. “We are monitoring the conditions.”

Any help from the public would be appreciated, Col Pasang Dorjee said. “We urge the public to provide any information about the fugitives.”

More than 300 police have been deployed in border areas and at entry points.

An RBP official said it was difficult to predict what a “suspected” criminal is capable of. “Threats cannot be taken lightly.”

Police officials said there was a need to improve the infrastructure and facilities of detention centers.

An official said, “Our detention centers are in a pitiful state.

The fugitives were arrested on charges of drug trafficking, robbery, rape and intentional murder. There are two Indians.

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