REVEALED: The Perth suburb housing one of the world’s most powerful supercomputers


Kensington has proven to be home to one of the most environmentally friendly and powerful supercomputers in the world.

Pawsey Supercomputing Research Center’s Setonix was named to the globally recognized Green500 and Top500 lists at the SC22 International Supercomputing Conference in Texas this month.

Setonix, the scientific name for quokka, has been named the fourth greenest supercomputer in the world, the most powerful public research supercomputer in the southern hemisphere, and the 15th most powerful in the world.

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Its computing power is equivalent to hundreds of thousands of standard computers working in unison, allowing it to perform in a single second a calculation that would take a human 1.5 billion years.

It is used for research in areas such as climate change, health and medicine, mining, agricultural systems and products, renewable energy, engineering and radio astronomy by teams from universities and universities. research institutes, government agencies and authorities, small and medium enterprises and ASX listed companies.

It was used this year to produce a very detailed image of a supernova remnant captured using CSIRO’s ASKAP radio telescope over Wajarri country in WA.

The stars shining over Wajarri Country in the Mid West of the state inspired the artwork on Setonix by visual artist Wajarri Yamatji Margaret Whitehurst.

Heat from the supercomputer is extracted via a groundwater cooling system and dissipated via an aquifer 140 meters below the center, with no groundwater loss, and is powered by a 120 kW solar panel system, which helps to compensate the centre’s carbon footprint.

The centre’s executive director, Mark Stickells, said the accolades were the culmination of more than three years of effort to ensure researchers can do their work with sustainability in mind.

“Setonix will give Australian researchers the computing power and infrastructure, supported by our team of experts, to discover new galaxies, develop new drugs, create new battery technologies and better understand our universe,” he said. -he declares.

“It will unlock the scientific knowledge needed to support Australia’s position in academia and commercial success.”

WA Science Minister Roger Cook said the research center was a key asset not only to WA but to the global research community.

“Supercomputing enables the development of solutions that would otherwise be unsolvable, and having Setonix right here in WA not only benefits our research institutes but our entire economy,” he said.

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