Rian Johnson ready to do anything to return to the Star Wars universe


Rian Johnson isn’t ruling out the possibility of making a series, if the format better lends itself to the story he wants to tell.

Rian Johnson has a busy end to the year. The director ofAt Knives Out will bring back the famous detective Benoit Blanc who camped by Daniel Craig in a second part of his adventures. baptized Glass onion, this sequel is on Netflix. This is the next 23 Dec the investigation officially begins. Johnson also creates Poker facea series worn by Natasha Lyonne and scheduled for January next year on Peacock in the United States.

He is therefore invited to answer questions from many journalists about these two projects. His trilogy, produced under the stamp Star Wars, is of course also central to many conversations. As a reminder, Rian Johnson was announced a few months ago at the helm of a new saga inspired by the universe of George Lucas.

The project seemed to have been put on hold by Disney ever since. It has to be said that the big screen doesn’t seem to be Mickey’s priority lately, at least for the galaxy far, far away. Requested by The Hollywood Reporter, the filmmaker nevertheless explains that conversations are still taking place. If a release window hasn’t been set by the studios yet, the project isn’t dead and gone. Johnson is also determined to return behind the camera.

“I would do anything as long as it’s Star Wars. If I have an idea, I like it and it works better as a series than as a movie, I would do it like this. Right now I’m preparing the next Benoit Blanc movie and thinking about Poker Face. I keep in touch with Katherine (Note Kennedy editor) and we have discussions. So who knows?”

“A happy experience in every way”

at its exit, The Last Jedi is far from having received a dithyrambic reception. If the press was largely convinced of Rian Johnson’s proposal, the public seems to have been more reluctant to discover this eighth installment of the 1977-born saga. Rotten tomatoesthe film has received 92% positive reviews from professionals against only 42% from viewers.

However, despite this minor inoperability, Johnson has no regrets. During an interview with the New Yorkerhe says : “I think I’m actually quite frustrated because people think I’ve had a negative experience doing this, something traumatic. The reality is that it was a happy experience from start to finish.”

It now remains to be seen if and when he will be able to put the cover back on. For now, he must concentrate on the third opus of the adventures of Benoit Blanc on Netflix. After solving an initial investigation in the cinema, the detective puts his bags on the SVOD platform. The latter has been able to afford the rights to two suites, the first will arrive in our living rooms in a few days. The film has been especially awaited since Rian Johnson managed to dust off the genre in 2019. Let’s hope the same goes for Glass onion.

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