Russian strike causes blackouts in Moldova


Russian missile strikes on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure have caused power cuts in half of neighboring Moldova, Moldova’s deputy prime minister has said.

“Massive power outage in Moldova after today’s Russian attack on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure,” Andrei Spuni, who is also infrastructure minister, said on Twitter on Wednesday.

“Moldelectrica, TSO (transmission system operator), is working to reconnect more than 50% of the country to electricity.”

Power cuts were also reported in the breakaway Russian-backed region of Transnistria, the local interior ministry said in a statement.

In a separate Telegram post, Spuni said the situation was a repeat of Nov. 15, when Moldova also suffered blackouts after Russian missile strikes.

Moldova is one of the poorest countries in Europe and has the highest number of Ukrainian refugees per capita. It shares a border with Ukraine, a former Soviet state, and is connected to its electricity grid.

Moldovan police and Premier Energy, a Moldovan company that provides electricity in the south and center of the country, have asked people to remain calm and take precautionary measures.

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