Shashi Tharoor on Congress main election at NDTV Townhall: Top 10 Quotes


Shashi Tharoor is running for Congress President

New Delhi:
Congress leader Shashi Tharoor spoke to NDTV about the party chairman election and other issues at a town hall in Mumbai today. Here are some of the top quotes from Shashi Tharoor’s NDTV special.

Here are the 5 best quotes from Shashi Tharoor town hall

  1. The Gandhi family clarified that there was no official candidate [for the Congress President post], I guess there is no official candidate. But some people in the party assume that there is an official candidate.

  2. I have to obey my party leader and the Gandhi family. I always expected that there would be a senior candidate and that senior leaders would rally around him.

  3. it’s clear with him [Mallikarjun Kharge’s] Nomination form and signature and their campaign brand. Wherever he goes, giants are present around him. But everywhere I go, there are ordinary citizens.

  4. There is no G-23 [group of 23 leaders in the Congress], I signed the letter asking for very specific things. All these things of the letter are in my manifesto.

  5. our principle [as against Mallikarjun Kharge] The way of preparing the party for elections is different. I believe business as usual will not continue. So it’s between the status quo and parivartane (To change).

  6. I won three elections in Lok Sabha in a constituency with the support of fishermen and tribalSo give me a break from this talk of being elitist.

  7. I’m not some kind of rich man. I don’t come from a wealthy family. My father was employed. It’s wrong to call me an elitist. Maybe I’m guilty of being rich in intelligence.

  8. The truth is that the DNA of the Congress party and the blood of the Nehru-Gandhi family are intertwined. It would be foolish for the President of Congress to alienate the party from the Gandhi family.

  9. I run [for Congress President] Because I don’t think we can pretend nothing has happened. We not only need change within the party, but we need to show it to the public.

  10. I’m with him [Rahul Gandhi] During the couple’s visit to India. And I saw a large number of people coming at 6 am to encourage Rahul Gandhi during the Yatra. He can be a great asset.

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