Should PlayStation give up Call of Duty in 10 years?


A new offering from the Redmond firm hints at the possibility of a future where Call of Duty is an Xbox and PC exclusive.

Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard is well underway and the future of licensing duty is on everyone’s lips. The world’s competition authorities are concerned about a possible unfair monopoly. Indeed, the studio would find itself in a position of choice, forcing the players of one of its most played licenses to migrate to a different ecosystem. Faced with these allegations, Microsoft is doing its best to reassure the rightful person. Last October, Phil Spencer promised to continue releasing the FPS on Sony’s console”as long as there are PlayStations left to release them.

However, keep this promise duty on all platforms in the future seems irrelevant. At least that suggests a statement from Microsoft to the New York Times for clarity to gain the trust of the authorities.

The latest news, the Redmond company made a proposal to the Japanese manufacturer on November 11, consisting of a 10-year contract duty on PlayStation. passed this contract, duty could therefore become an Xbox exclusive, although Microsoft was clear on the subject a few days ago.

Phil Spencer doesn’t see the importance or even legal viability of a contract that would be “forever”, 10 years therefore seems to be the maximum the company can offer, but that doesn’t mean once the expiration date comes to an end of the contract, the contract cannot be extended. Sony hasn’t yet publicly commented on the offer, but it’s a guess the Japanese giant has no intention of letting it go.

Rising tensions

If all goes well, the acquisition of Activision Blizzard will be completed in the summer of 2023. Time flies and Sony works hard to keep access to the cult FPS. Last September, the company tried to highlight the potential dangers of this landmark transaction:

By giving Microsoft control of Activision games like Call of Duty, this transaction could have serious implications for gamers and the future of the video game industry.

In addition to this shocking statement, the CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment Jim Ryan himself traveled to Brussels to defend his case before the European cartel authorities. In this endless war Microsoft is now accusing its competitor of misleading the judges of this takeover case. For them, Sony would “exaggerated the importance of Call of Duty to their viability.

Of the 16 regulators that must decide whether the deal should go through, only two have so far given their approval. This is the case in Brazil and Saudi Arabia. Europe and the United Kingdom are heralded as the most reluctant and their vote will be decisive for the future of the video game industry.

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