Should You Watch the New Christmas Movie on Netflix?


Christmas at the mistletoe farm, a moving Christmas film for the whole family, was released on November 23, 2022, and was only available on Netflix. Debbie Isitt wrote and directed the holiday special. Nick Jones was the producer of Christmas at the mistletoe farm, and Hannah Perks was the film’s executive producer.

Debbie Isitt wrote and directed the new Christmas film, and Sean Van Hales was in charge of camera work. Christmas on Mistletoe Farm also has music by Nicky Ager and was shot by Sean Van Hales. The official description of the film on Netflix says:

The film tells the story of Matt Cunningham, a single father who recently lost his wife. He has five children: Rosie, Lily, Charlie, Buster and Violet. Inside, Matt goes to Cobbledon, a small town in the countryside, to stay on the farm his father left him. As soon as the Cunninghams move to Mistletoe Farm, a new and exciting adventure begins.

Let’s wait no longer and find out how Netflix’s latest Christmas movie went.

A Christmas review of Netflix’s Mistletoe Farm

Promising acting performances by the main cast

The lead role of Matt Cunningham, played by Scott Garnhamis at the center of the film Christmas at the mistletoe farm. He did a fantastic job of really getting into character and getting all the good feelings out on screen.

Its protagonist struggles to find a balance between his personal life and his career. The actor portrays him accurately on screen. It’s heartbreaking how Matt has to juggle as a single parent trying to raise five kids and keep his office job afloat.

Beano, the farm laborer, is also a major player. Scott Paige portrays the role on the show. Her acting in the film is undeniably a highlight of A Christmas Carol: Mistletoe Farm. JThe guy he plays is hilarious and engaging.

Scott Paige’s endearing performance keeps the audience engaged from opening credits to closing credits. Impressive scenes include when Beano and the villagers hunt the developers who come to buy out Matt’s farm, and when he goes to town to fix his mistakes that cost Matt his job. Hence, Scott Paige has excelled in his film role.

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Actors Kathryn Drysdale, Delilah O’Riordan, Madison Davis, Evan Scott, Dexter Sol Ansell, Faith Delaney, Ashley Jensen and others round out the cast. They all did their part to make the film a success.

A light family film perfect for the holidays

Debbie Isitt did a fantastic job imbuing the film with a joyful and warm atmosphere. There’s no denying that Christmas at Mistletoe Farm is brimming with holiday cheer and beautifully captures the essence of the season.

The father-child relationship is also given in-depth exploration in the film. Having a mother away from home can make a father’s job that much harder. The importance of learning from real-life experiences and the value of community are also emphasized.

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The film will undoubtedly win the hearts of its audience, especially the younger ones. This makes Christmas at Mistletoe Farm an ideal choice for family movie night in front of the TV during the colder months of the year.

Wonderful cinematography elevates the film

The breathtaking cinematography of Netflix’s latest holiday movie is what I find most appealing. The enchanting beauty of the countryside was beautifully captured by the film’s cinematographer, Sean Van Hales.

The film’s breathtaking backdrop, which was filmed on leafy farms in the UK’s West Midlands, is a highlight and elevates the debate.

It’s absolutely breathtaking how the cinematographer has captured scenes like kids riding bikes down a rural road or animals being let loose after Matt forgets to close the farm. Thus, the film was unquestionably improved by the cinematography.

Christmas at the mistletoe farm

Don’t miss Christmas at the mistletoe farm, which is only available on netflix at present.

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