Taronga Zoo welcomes two dingo pups


Two adorable dingo puppies have made their home at Taronga Zoo in Sydney.

Five-month-old Kep Kep and Warada are just two of the newcomers part of the Nura Diya Wildlife Experience which focuses on native flora and fauna.

The couple, a man and a woman, are named after the region where they were born and will make their public debut on December 9, just in time for the summer school holidays.

The male named Kep Kep was born in Wathawurrung country in Victoria and named after the Wathawurrung word for sweet.

The Warada woman was born in the country of Dharug NSW and was named after the Dharug word for beautiful.

Taronga Zoo keeper Natalie Holdsworth said the duo were the perfect pair.

“As the name suggests, Kep Kep is incredibly sweet, very friendly and loves people,” she said.

“On the other hand, Warada is very active, alert and likes to check his surroundings and survey his territory.”

Animal lovers will be able to do more than say hello to Kep Kep and Warada this summer with the launch of the daily Dingo Keeper Talk and Dingo Encounter program.

It aims to educate visitors about the important role top predators play in Australia’s wildlife ecosystem.

Zoo visitors will also have the chance to play with Kep Kep and Warada as they join the keepers as the puppies interact with the new Goofy encounter behind the scenes.

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