The 5 best Square Enix games for Android phones


Square Enix is one of the most renowned video game development companies in this fieldwidely known as the one who created three of the best selling Japanese game series ever, namely Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest and Kingdom Hearts.

The fact is, in less than a couple of months, you won’t be able to access Deus Ex Go, a Square Enix Montreal game that was acquired by Swedish gaming company Embracer Group in May. While Embracer changed the studio’s name to Onoma in October, reports surfaced less than a month after the mobile game developer would go out of business. Now, Onoma has announced on Twitter that Deus Ex Go, Arena Battle Champions, Hitman Sniper: The Shadows, and Space Invaders: Hidden Heroes will no longer be available after January 4, 2023.

Now the company not only has great titles for consoles, also offers a wide range of mobile deliveriesso here you will find 5 of the best games developed by Square Enix for Android, so let’s get started.

Final Fantasy IV (3D Remake)

If among our readers there is a faithful follower of the Final Fantasy saga, this is undoubtedly a title that cannot be missing from your mobile. Final Fantasy IV (3D Remake), focuses on Cecil’s distraction from loyalty to the Barony Kingsince he can no longer follow the regent’s orders and decides to put an end to his bloody and evil reign.

In short, it’s a classic that you have to try on your phone. It’s true, It has a respectable price of 17.99 eurosbut if you really like these types of titles and are a fan of the saga, the reality is that it’s worth every euro.

Dragon Quest Builder

Now to another genre, Dragon Quest Builders is a very interesting and attractive construction game to follow. Basically, the player runs into it in story mode different elements present in the first game of the sagasuch as various objects, monsters, equipment and even the emblematic cities of the aforementioned title.

This story mode is divided into several chapters in which you have to progress step by step Build new villages, collect resources and materials, discover new buildings and crafts, among many other things. We also have to highlight the creative mode where you can create unlimited. What can be the only downside of this mobile game? Its price, which was 33.99 euros.

DQ Dai The bindings of a hero

DQ Dai: A Hero’s Bonds is one of Square Enix’s latest creations and follows on from the Dragon Quest saga. Specially designed for touchscreens, this title has quite a few really good graphics and a combat system that definitely has to be highlighted.

In fact, there is a cooperative mode in which You can take part in the most epic and unbelievable fights ever. However, if you ever want to focus solely on the story, you can also turn on Auto mode to end the battle and let things take care of themselves while you enjoy the show. This title is available completely free on Google Play, so go for it.

Trials of Mana

Based on the Japanese classic Seiken Densetsu 3, or better known as Trials of Mana, Square Enix has made a new version of this 3D title for Android phones that we absolutely have to mention in this post. The first thing to notice is that it’s a fully renewed version of the original title from the graphics and combat system to the soundtrack and the characters’ own voices.

Now turning to the gameplay, when the game starts there are 6 eligible characters although you can only choose 3 which ones will shift the direction of the story one way or the other depending on who you choose.

As for the title story, world peace has ended and lThe Goddess of Manas must fight against the Benevodons (known as the Monsters of Destruction) to bring back the times of peace and tranquility. Another great delivery from Square Enix that has an important current price of €28.99.

Romancing SaGa ReuniverSe

Every 300 years the rise of Monrastrum wipes out all life on the planet and this is this year. The end of the world is coming, but there’s still a chance to save everything if you have it the necessary gear, power, and companions to battle and defeat the Sinistrals.

We’re talking about a video game full of adventure and action, totally free and even recognized as one of Google’s best games of 2019including Editors’ Choice in Japan, so it’s clearly a pretty good title.

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