“The big future cybersecurity threat is the attack on supply chains”


Crossroads at the Cybersecurity Conference, Sam Curry chief security officer at Cybereason, and Joel Mollo vice president France at Cybereason, share their views on the future of cybersecurity.

JDN. What are the main threats ahead?

Joel Mollo VP France and Sam Curry CTO at Cybereason © Communication agency

Sam Curry. The biggest threat ahead is undoubtedly supply chain attacks. Companies and their cybersecurity teams have not yet developed the tools to counter them. This unpreparedness is due to the fact that it is necessary to have a great knowledge of the entire working environment in order to anticipate this type of attack. That calls for a great deal of flexibility that companies don’t have right now.

Do you think French SMEs and local governments are lagging behind in cybersecurity awareness?

Joel Mollo. I think SMEs and small communities are less ready for cyber risk, those in the mid-market category here. In France, however, we have service providers who are starting to work to support the weakest, which the other states do not currently have.

Cybereason supports French hospitals. What are your thoughts on government announcements that will increase hospital cyber defense budgets?

JM I think there is a spending choice to reconsider, but it does note that all players are starting to realize the dangers created by cybercriminals. There’s also the fact that public opinion is beginning to control these issues, so we’re going with common sense, but we’ve got to keep going.

What do you think of labeling systems?

CS I have been working on labels/certifications since my beginnings in cybersecurity. It is a very interesting solution that requires a lot of investment and takes a lot of development time. They help to increase the minimum security levels, even if this requires effort from the incoming actors.

JM Our devout wish would be to have a global label/certificate that would control the entire world of cybersecurity. It would make it possible to have a minimum level of general security and would also allow all players to find their way around.

CS Nobody wants too much regulation, but we need it. Otherwise, we end up with products with serious manufacturing defects that could expose consumers to potential cyber-attacks.

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