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Overnight, a rumor made headlines before being contradicted. Apple would have liked to buy the Manchester United team.

What if Tim Cook offered a football team? For a few months now, the apple brand has been moving closer to the world of sports and wants to play an increasingly important role in its distribution. Apple recently confirmed a 10-year agreement with the MLS, the American Football League, to broadcast games.

Last night it was a new rumor that set social networks on fire for a few hours. According to information from the media from MacRumors, the apple brand is in advanced talks with the Glazer family, owners of the Manchester United football club. Officially put up for sale a few days ago, this is one of the most popular football clubs in the world. The price is estimated at $7 billion.

Manchester United are looking for a buyer

If the team is indeed up for sale, Apple wouldn’t be that interested. Despite the $200 billion in cash that could perfectly support the acquisition, this acquisition does not seem to fit Apple’s strategy for the time being. The information was first revealed in British media Daily Star. The information is quickly recorded and then confirmed. The specialized site MacRumors thus plays an important role in the dissemination of this information. Seen as a reference by various media, his article will get dozens of others to write.

To defend itself, the US site has explained since it verified its information with an “insider” from Apple. A person known to the media as having relatively correct analysis about Apple. But soon MacRumors’ source is contradicted. In a few hours, the idea of ​​a takeover of Manchester United by Apple has been ruled out. Analysts from Apple and the English football club contradict it round after round. For some of them, talks between the two parties have not even taken place.

Apple has never been in a position to buy out the team

Despite a growing interest in sports, Apple has no plans to buy a club of Manchester United’s stature, at least not directly. Instead, Tim Cook’s next acquisition should be a tech start-up that has yet to explode in the eyes of the general public.

As for the English club, it is for sale at $ 7 billion. Since the sale earlier this week, several sports personalities have positioned themselves for a possible takeover. The club is best known for its heyday under Scottish coach Sir Alex Ferguson in the early 2000s. The team is currently going through a rough patch, having just parted ways with Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo.

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