the end of the series is a (small) audience record


For its grand finale, The Walking Dead raises the bar a bit. The hearings are less disastrous than expected.

The zombies of The living Dead are retired. After eleven seasons, the AMC series ended this week. The adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s comics, launched in 2010 on the American channel, quickly became a success on the American territory, but also internationally. The first season collected averagely 5.24 million spectators in the United States. The next will gather 8 million spectators. Season 5 had also broken a record by drawing a whopping 17.3 million people, the first episode of this salvo had made history by becoming the most watched on a cable TV channel.

The zombie series seemed to be on the right track with that. But 12 years later The living Dead has lost its shine. With audiences at half-mast since season 8, and particularly uneven episodes, reception to the finale was more than precarious. Airing on November 20, this latest chapter has clearly attracted some curious people. At the time of the balance, AMC can boast of raising the bar just in time for the final. According to The Hollywood Reporter, 2.27 million viewers watched the final episode when it aired. This is a (small) record for the series that has been piling up failures for several years. It had been two years since such numbers had been reached.

Note, however, that this finale remains the second least seen for the series. The series doesn’t start with a bang. It was probably time for her to bow. However, the adventure is far from over. AMC already has the ambition to bring the license back to our screens. Several spin-offs are currently in development.

Spin off series

AMC has no shortage of stamp projects The living Dead. Recognizing the power of the license, it is actively developing three series around characters crucial to the story. One of them is also filming in France. It will focus on Daryl Dixon. Camped by Norman Reedus, the character is supposed to explore our green lands and meet a few ghosts along the way. In this spin-off, Daryl wakes up in Europe without understanding the miracle that brought him across the Atlantic. Castings are currently being held to recruit zombies.

Andrew Lincoln, for his part, will finally don Rick Grimes’ costume. Hero of the story since the first episode, the character was finally gone from season 9. A departure that heralds a solo adventure that will soon land. Finally, it is Negan and Maggie who close the list of projects currently in development. Both characters will appear in Dead city. The narration takes us to New York.

To see the end of The living Dead, it’s on OCD that it happens. The SVOD platform makes all seasons of the AMC series available.

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