The LEGO brick table football exists and is fully functional


Football fans can now build and play their favorite game with this new fan-made LEGO product.

This is the LEGO Ideas foosball table designed by Donát Fehérvári, a 16-year-old fan from Hungary, as part of the We Love Sports competition on the LEGO Ideas platform!

This LEGO Ideas football table pays tribute to football players and fans around the world with a wide variety of minifigures. Before confronting his opponent, each player can thus come together using more than 60 different LEGO elements, his team of five minifigures, as well as his teammates and his fans who follow the match from the stands. A total of 22 minifigures can be built for both players and spectators, with plenty of character customization options. The size of this football table makes it an easy to transport game, perfect for “outdoor” or “home” clashes.

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Bringing together culture, creativity and play, the new LEGO Ideas foosball is launched with the LEGO For The Joy of Play event, which will be held in Paris on October 29-30, 2022. This two-day event will be the opportunity to participate in the LEGO Foosball Competition; attend conferences; but also to participate in the construction of a LEGO brick mural, or to have fun in free building spaces.

The first to test this new fully functional LEGO brick football table were Thierry Henry and Marcus Rashford, who compete at the head of a team of minifigures!

Measuring 41.28 x 29 x 15.26 cm, this 2339 brick LEGO Ideas Foosball is available from November 1, 2022 for a price of 249.99 euros.

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