The Menu is a feast for the eyes and a feast for the genre.


Let’s say The menu πŸ‡§πŸ‡·The menuin the original), horror film directed by Marc Mylod and written by the duo Seth Reiss and Does Tracy, presents a very palatable experience, forgive the infamous and premature pun. There are subtle and not-so-subtle layers, which shows the narrative’s commitment to – one more, sorry – appealing to varied tastes. Do these nuances help to spice up the main course or, on the contrary, do they degrade an otherwise tasty meal?

Thanks to the generous invitation of disneybehalf Projector images, Showmetech was present at the premiere of the film in Brazil. Let’s find out if The menu is the dark version of Masterchef?

Ah, I leave the criticism no spoilersso that you can read without fear.

classic clues

The menu.  The menu.
So far, everything has started well. (Image: Projector Pictures)

The film begins bluntly, with the protagonist (and eventually final girlfor those of you into horror), Margot Mills (Anya Taylor Joy), enjoying a cigarette in this classic pose of a tough guy with a leather jacket leaning against the wall. Her date, Tyler (Nicolas Hoult), warns that smoking can take away your taste buds, spoiling the whole experience to come.The menuπŸ‡§πŸ‡· Literally not a metaphor with the name of the movie.

In this case, the two are about to board a nice boat in the direction of Hawthorne, a famous restaurant run by the charismatic – and bizarre – Julian Slowik (Ralph Fiennes), located on a private island, therefore deserted. Well, if you consume suspenseful content or are a bit cautious, you know that in itself is a red flag. There are a few quick cuts in which we see Margot looking back, like when she gets on board, in that first moment, and when she sees the door to the restaurant closing, later.

Not only that, the protagonist seems to recognize some of the other customers present in this inhospitable situation, but the viewer has no way of knowing, at this time, who it is. Shifting focus to the group that accompanies the dynamic duo, there’s only the said elite of the company, given that each customer spends more than a thousand dollars to be there and taste the gastronomic delights of Slowik. Among them, it is worth mentioning an elderly man and his wife, three adult men who work for the restaurant’s investor, a decadent movie star and his secretary and, finally, a food critic and the editor of his magazine.

With all the ingredients of The menu counted and separated, it’s time to movement a little of this broth.

The temperature in the pressure cooker rises quickly

The heartbreaking, high-pitched sound of the pressure cooker will sound like the nightingale’s morning song when you realize that Tyler is actually some kind of food nerdπŸ‡§πŸ‡· The talkative costume knows a lot about Slowik, knows the exquisite techniques and tools used by him and his cooks and, above all, it is the classic little speech that each of us is obliged to find in universities and companies around the world. Like any good would-be bully, he goes out of his way to make Slowik notice, even throwing Margot in front of the truck.

The menu, with anya taylor-joy
Anya Taylor-Joy’s character in The menu doesn’t seem to fit. (Image: Projector Pictures)

She, as far as she is concerned, serves as a kind of moral compass in the current game. Despite taking sides, in the end, what matters is himself, not a cause (legitimate, it should be mentioned) whose roots go deep into a potentially self-absorbed and deranged man. Contrary to Slowik’s wishes, Margot is a professional cynical whose job has taken her to the wrong place at the wrong time. also explains the chief, she was not part of the plan. And that says a lot about her relationship with Tyler too, so pay attention.

In this diagram, there are many scenes in The menu where the viewer can see that this fine dining is actually going to be a potent source of abdominal cramps. If you’re invested in the experience, it’s possible to pick up on the tone the narrative takes on very quickly. An interesting point is that it builds little by little, with some fleeting glimpses of the foretold disaster which, of course, is not long in coming.

Nature is eternal. We are nanoseconds in the middle of it all.

Julian Slowik, played masterfully by Ralph Fiennes.

After COVID, my memory stopped working so well, so don’t blame me if the sentence isn’t exactly that, but it’s something along those lines. In any case, it serves to illustrate a bit of Slowik’s loss of sanity, which is corroborated in a scene near the end, in which Margot finally discovers what’s behind a certain fanciful door. Finally, the monologues of chief are stuffed with Comments very direct to the predatory and consumerist system in which we are inserted, and nothing better than to use gastronomy to illustrate this scenario of potential billionaires, incapable of understanding and only concerned about their pocket.

The menu.  The menu.
Yeah, go play and think you’re cool, go ahead. (Image: Projector Pictures)

The implicit threats here, the lingering sense that something is wrong there; this is how the mood rises in Hawthorne and in the audience. Personally, what revealed that the night was doomed to crows was a particular scene in which certain foods, considered almost as human as humans, ceased to be servedπŸ‡§πŸ‡· And it’s not just in game of thrones that his absence is a bad omen; this is what the Greek classics have already told us, either by Ulysses or by Achilles.

The menu that we remember

It’s no coincidence that everyone present was invited by Slowik, with the exception of Margot, an enigma (and obstacle) that appeared at the last minute. In this way the chief recognizes in her a potential ally, who can be good or bad, especially since this imposing figure is, for lack of a more precise description in psychiatric terms, completely madπŸ‡§πŸ‡· The reasons are quite obvious, it is not necessary to be a Hegel to interpret Slowik’s objective, but what gives flavor to this research is precisely this contrast of the lack of common sense of a supposed benefactor.

The card is a feast for the eyes and a feast for the genre.  The proposal of the film on the menu is not so innovative in theory, even more so if we consider its positions, but that does not prevent a beautiful execution.  Check!
It’s gonna be okay. (Image: Projector Pictures)

In addition to the obvious class struggle, there is a deeper blow. blunt when the viewer discovers, albeit briefly, the past of the chiefπŸ‡§πŸ‡· This revelation, in line with the scenes between him and Margot, touches on a deeper reflection on the forced monetization of our anxieties and aspirations. This will undoubtedly resonate most with those connected to the artistic world, where the eternal battle between hobby and work takes place. So the slightly disturbed boss of The menu wants to create, well, the iconic menu, almost like an ode to his former figure who, as we can see, managed to smile.

Of course, there are also lame parts of the storyline, like the presence of the antagonist’s right hand (or the protagonist? Depends on who answers) and his confrontation with Margot, as well as the completely drunk lady who goes all out. the movie in the corner of the restaurant. Finding out who this woman is literally makes no difference at any time, so the question of this random irregularity remains.


IMDB: 7.6 | Rotten tomatoes: 90%

The menu Where The menu It is very interesting work, even if its questions are not new. The growing tension in the first third of the film, its further exploration in the middle, and the conclusion come together very well, even if there are moments of uncertainty about the narrative, as explained above or even like the scene from ” hunt”.

Either way, the feature promises to save space on the dinner table and is a strong contender for Best Horror Movie of the Year, even if this chocolatey bit of horror is only seen in the last half. The acid humor present is skilfully dosed by the screenwriters, who construct a very inviting work.

You can watch the trailer for The menu below.

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  • Few holes, competent and sarcastic.

  • Fiennes and Taylor-Joy win laurels in this regard.

  • Photography



    The close ups on the food, the mise en place, everything was perfect.

  • technical aspects



    Even though the music isn’t quite as punchy, the sound editing is excellent, even more so when it comes to coordinating Slowik’s movements with the responses of his small battalion.

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