the post-credits scene is very important to the sequel


Stay healthy until the end of the credits of Andor’s last episode, he has a little surprise in store for us.

After twelve episodes that were widely appreciated by the audience, Andor turns down. The spin-off series RogueOne kept fans entertained Star Wars focused on the fate of Cassian Andor for twelve weeks. Camped by Diego Luna, the hero plays an essential role in the fight against the Empire, Stephen Schiff and Tony Gilroy, the creators of the series, intended to tell his origins through several short stories. The first season ended on Wednesday, November 24. This final episode lived up to our expectations and says a lot about what the series has in store for us with its second batch of episodes.

As The Mandalorian for her, Andor will return to our screens. Few series for now Star Wars were entitled to this honor. While filming has just begun, fans are already hoping to learn more about the storytelling. The post-credits scene is heavy on meaning. After the credits, we do indeed see robots at work on a mysterious construction site. The mystery will soon be lifted as the camera moves backwards to show us the famous Death Star.

important part ofA new hopeso this iconic weapon is under construction at the end of the series. RogueOne for his part, told how the team led by Cassian managed to steal the plans to deliver them to the Resistance. So we can expect this second batch of episodes to link the two movies released in 1977 and 2016 respectively.

Not before 2024

Tony Gilroy recently confided that filming had resumed in Britain. While the broadcast has only just ended, the teams are already working on the sequel. No doubt fans will be hoping to see the entire clique on their screens next year. It will take a little more patience. Filming should last until August, the return ofAndor cannot take place in September 2023.

With Season 1 post-production taking a year of work, we can hope for a 2024 release date. Meanwhile, Lucasfilm is multiplying projects under the stamp Star Wars. There are several series planned in the coming months, starting with the return of The Mandalorian for a third season.

Grogu and Din Djarin will resume service to the delight of many fans around the world. We also expect a series around Ahsoka Tano, hosted by Rosario Dawson. In the cinema, on the other hand, it is dead silent. It will probably have to wait a few years before the credits roll down on the big screen.

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