the power of the cloud is now on your Raspberry Pi


In addition to support for the well-known microcomputer, the French cloud specialist has also announced a new offer for professionals.

Shadow, the flagship of French cloud computing, held a press conference yesterday where it unveiled its new offerings for the professional world. The main announcement was Shadow Business Solutions (SBS), a suite of cloud services designed specifically for the business world.

Three cloud offerings for the business world

Three new offers appear in the catalog. The first called Spark, is offered from €59 per month or €89 per month with the Microsoft license. For this price, the customer can take advantage of 8 virtual cores (or vCores) on an Intel Xeon processor clocked at 3.4 GHz. The whole is completed by an NVIDIA Quadro P5000; it is supported by 256 GB SSD storage and 12 GB RAM.

The intermediate offer, Aurora, costs € 89 per month (€ 119 with the license). It still offers 8 vCores, but this time clocked at 4 GHz. The graphics section also increases, with a Quadro RTX 5000 12 GB. The RAM has also been increased to 16 GB.

At the top of this new range we find the offer Lines, for 139€ per month (169 with the license). It offers 12 vCores clocked at 4 GHz, 512 GB SSD storage, 32 GB RAM and a Quadro RTX 6000 24 GB gpu.

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So that will be it fairly high-end workstations. Enough to meet the needs of digital creation professionals such as graphic designers, 3D designers, architects, engineers… so many professions that often work with extremely demanding software. These three formulas are available from Q1 2023, i.e. between January 1 and March 31.

A management tool for IT departments

Shadow took the opportunity to unveil a new tool that will play a key role in this new offering. Dubbed Shadow Business Manager (SBM), it empowers any IT department to ”create, modify, or delete shadow VMsdirectly, without going through a third-party service. SBM is available to business customers from 5th of December.

20 GB of free storage space for everyone

The most interesting information for the general public, on the other hand, is certainly the emergence of the Shadow Drive. This is a cloud storage offering that has been tested since this summer; it is now implemented for all users. All internet users can take advantage of a free, unconditional offer of 20 GB. “By free, we don’t mean ‘freemium’. Our users’ data will never be sold or exploited, and we will never integrate advertisements,” the company explained in a press release.

For those who need more space, Shadow still offers a premium version for €8.99 per month. It will push this storage capacity to 2 TB.

Shadow lands on Raspberry Pi

We also note the arrival of a more anecdotal functionality for the average user, but still quite interesting; Shadow now offers a new solution to use up its virtual machines Raspberry Pi 4the adorable micro PC that reigns supreme in its category.

Initially, the brand wants to offer an application “simple, stable and effective”. The goal is to run a virtual machine in 1080p 60 FPS on a RasPi, with support for keyboard, mouse, and XBOX and PlayStation controllers. All the details and the procedure for installing the Shadow client on the Raspberry computer are available on the dedicated page of the Shadow site, at this address.

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