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It’s no surprise to anyone: the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 are almost equivalent in terms of performance and design. So all that remains is to compare the prices to find out which one is the most attractive. For Black Friday, Amazon has you leaning on the Model 13.

At the end of 2021, Apple formalized the iPhone 13. A year later, the iPhone 14 was born. Unfortunately, the technical (and aesthetic) differences are minimal or non-existent while the price has exploded. No iPhone 14 is under 1000 euros each. On the other hand, the iPhone 13 is currently experiencing a very nice price drop on the Amazon site.

For Black Friday, the US merchant is rising with new and generous offers. In addition, Apple takes for its rank since many references are discounted (MacBook, iPad and therefore iPhone). In this case, this iPhone 13 with 128 GB is shown at a price of only 849 euros against 909 euros when it was released. In terms of value for money, you should go for it. Please note that two of the five colors are already out of stock.

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Update 24/11 5:30 PM : Cdiscount has released an even bolder offer on this iPhone 13 128 GB, available for 799 euros to all customers, provided they arrive before stocks run out. CDAV members can even claim a discount of 749 euros with the code IP13CDAV.

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Although the iPhone 13s has been available for just over a year, this range is still a benchmark in the high-end smartphone market. And it’s not for nothing that you choose Apple quality at a reduced price, so you can enjoy premium features and a design that is just as premium.

What is the importance of this iPhone 13?

As we said, this iPhone 13 perfectly embodies the power and all the know-how of Apple. The technical sheet is premium, a segment in which the brand has distinguished itself since the release of its first phones. Visually, this model counts on a 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR OLED display. If the plate is of excellent quality, the size will suit the largest number of people by providing a good grip.

Otherwise, the iPhone 13s has a dual photo module on the back with two 12MP wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle sensors. On the front is a 12 MP selfie sensor. The smartphone is convincing, it offers good photo quality, accompanied by the phone’s chip that allows high-quality image processing. Apple has always been an example when it comes to photos and videos.

As usual, Apple does not communicate about the batteries of its smartphones, but we know that this iPhone 13 can last more than a day with normal use. If you are currently using an iPhone 7, 8, X or 11, so much to say that it will change your life for everyday life and you will finally have peace. The difference with the 14 models is only a few minutes.

I use the offer on Amazon

In terms of power, we recognize Apple well with this iPhone 13, because the model benefits from the A15 Bionic home processor. Note that this is the same chip included with the latest iPhone 14, which means power doesn’t scale between generations. Whether you’re gaming or using mobile apps, you’re sure to enjoy smooth, latency-free browsing across all your services. Note that this model is compatible with the 5G network for even more speed when browsing the Internet.

Forget iPhone 14s

At less than 850 euros, the iPhone 13s is an excellent deal on Amazon – much better than the iPhone 14s, especially since it is one of the first offers on this model, as you often have to wait for the release of a new generation, so that the former is entitled to occasional discounts at the retailer or elsewhere. Obviously, during Black Friday, the rates are best online, hence this little nugget.

On the other hand, we should also remember that Apple never discount its credentials. Whether it’s this iPhone 13 or the rest of its products, the prices are always the same whether there’s a major operation going on or not. The Apple brand favors its high-end image at the expense of discounts, which means you’ll have to turn to sellers like Amazon to hope to find the slightest discount.

Today Amazon stands out with this price drop that brings the phone below 850 euros. Suffice to say, you have every interest in cracking down on this model, especially since it’s entitled to the best discount at Amazon. For Black Friday, the latter unveils a benefit called the Best Price Guarantee. If you find better elsewhere by November 28, he will refund you the difference, he is the only one to offer this service during the operation in France.

On the other hand, the service at Amazon is the same as at Apple, for example a two-year manufacturer’s warranty on your new iPhone 13 and the option to purchase Apple Care insurance (at an additional cost) on the official website. the online purchase. Where the trader goes even further than the official brand, his waiting time has been extended to January 31, 2023 especially for Black Friday. The return is therefore free and without justification while the refund is complete for the product.

With this exclusive benefit from Amazon, you can therefore choose an iPhone 13 for yourself, but also for a loved one to offer them during the end of the year celebrations. So you immediately get the best price, put the smartphone under the tree and send it back in January. Whether it’s this model or the dealer’s other offers, you’re therefore free to anticipate Christmas with the best prices of the year, enough to avoid the New Year’s Eve crowds in the dark shops of the world.

To see Black Friday on these iPhones, it’s here:

I use the offer on Amazon

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