The Town Festival can bring Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, The Weekend and Blackpink to Brazil


One of the things that has moved the world most recently are music festivals, and Brazil is no exception! From the same creators of Rock in Rio, in September 2023 it will be possible to follow everything that the The City Festival has to offer. And it’s starting to heat up, there are even rumors that artists like black Rose🇧🇷 Nicki Minaj🇧🇷 Rihanna and The weekend introduce yourself here! Learn more about the event.

About the City Festival

Festival the city can bring rihanna, nicki minaj, the weekend and blackpink to brazil.  Despite the rumours, the city's festival already has the confirmed presence of Iza and Creole artists.  The event will take place in September 2023, see more details!
About the town party. Picture: The city

One of the biggest cultural, artistic and musical festivals, the The City Festival, arrives in the city of São Paulo. There will be more than 235 hours of music, spread over 7 large spaces, with 5 stages and a scenography inspired by the icons of São Paulo architecture. As for the genres that will be heard at the Festival, there is a wide variety: from jazz to hip-hop, from pop to rock.

Also known as “City of Music”

The city of São Paulo is considered a multicultural city, being a meeting point that houses an infinity of people, tastes, rhythms, races, beliefs and cultures. With approximately 600,000 people, the Interlagos circuit this is the environment where The Town will take place, with more than 360,000 m² prepared. Inside the event, you will be able to see the following stages and spaces:

Festival the city can bring rihanna, nicki minaj, the weekend and blackpink to brazil
Also known as the “City of Music”. Picture: The city
  • THE HORIZON: The grandeur of São Paulo and its architecture are reflected in the Skyline Stage. There will be 4 shows a day with big national and international names, in addition to a light show and a spectacular fireworks display;
  • THE ONE: Different styles and rhythms will be on The One stage. It is the place of new musical experiences, unusual encounters, unique and very special shows;
  • FACTORY: Inspired by the old industrial areas of the city, Factory is a space where the color of urban art, the rhythms of hip-hop and street dance come together to interact with the public and create a great party;
  • NEW DANCE ORDER: The perfect harmony of the vibrations of the beats with the energy is in New Dance Order. The greatest DJs from Brazil and the world will shine on this stage;
  • SAO PAULO SQUARE: The city opens a space for the Big Band, jazz, the great hits of the golden years, in a square with kiosks and flower gardens that celebrate the São Paulo of yesterday and today;
  • CITY MARKET: The cuisine of São Paulo and the world meet at the Market, a gastronomic space with delicious and exclusive menus created exclusively for the festival.

Confirmed attractions and rumors

For the moment two attractions are already confirmed for the event. Big names like IZA and Creole are already part of the big Festival that will take place in São Paulo.

Festival the city can bring rihanna, nicki minaj, the weekend and blackpink to brazil
Singer IZA was confirmed at the event. Picture: The city

IZA is a high point of national pop, with her songs also flowing through R&B, becoming one of the leading voices in the country today. No wonder Time magazine chose her as one of the next generation’s leading figures. After great performances at Rock in Rio, singing with CeeLo Green in 2017, with Alcione in 2019, and now singing on Palco Mundo in 2022, IZA will bring her powerful voice to The Town.

The City’s website concerning the confirmed participation of the singer IZA

Festival the city can bring rihanna, nicki minaj, the weekend and blackpink to brazil
The Crioulo singer was confirmed at the event. Image: Comma

Criolo is a musician with the face of São Paulo. Born in Grajaú, Criolo started writing rap at the age of 11, influenced by names like RZO and Racionais. The rapper was one of the main names in the rap battles in the city, exploding with the hit “Não Existe Amor em SP”, establishing himself as one of the most important voices in Brazilian music.

The City’s website on the confirmed participation of the singer Crioulo

Festival the city can bring rihanna, nicki minaj, the weekend and blackpink to brazil
Blackpink, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna and The Weeknd may be performing at the event! Image: Twitter

In addition to the confirmations, there are still strong rumors that other international attractions are on their way to the Festival. the artists Blackpink, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna and The weekend are some of the names that could possibly perform here next year. Will we have so many famous and prestigious names in the country? Encourage us!

prices and dates

So far, The Town Festival has not yet provided an indication of ticket prices. There are five event days, being them September 2, 3, 7, 9 and 10, 2023🇧🇷 As it is similar to Rock in Rio, the average ticket price can be around R$625 for a full day of Festival. It is still possible to access the Official website of the Festival La Ville and enter your basic data to make a pre-booking, so when the values ​​are available, you will be notified!

And you, what did you think of the news? Will these artists come to The Town? Tell us in the comments!

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