To re-watch The Lord of the Rings, it’s best to do an NFT . to buy


Warner Bros just announced that 10,000 NFTs will be sold. They will allow you to discover the Lord of the Rings in a long version.

Warner Bros. announced yesterday that it has entered into a partnership with web3 company Eluvio. The idea is to launch two different series of NFTs. For fans, these non-removable tokens give access to the extended version of the film in 4k, while other owners have access to augmented reality collectibles.

In the press release announcing the news, Warner Bros assures that: “Lord of the Rings fans can now acquire, participate in and redeem an epic living multimedia experience that will undoubtedly surprise and delight them. » A surprising certainty when you know that the NFT market has been in serious trouble for several months.

A first trial sale

But Warner Bros seems confident and the group assures this is heading in the right direction “new standard for innovation in film distribution by demonstrating the potential of Web3 for consumer engagement. » A total of 10,000 tokens will be sold under the name “Mystery Edition Common Premiere” while 999 others, will be rarer “First Epic Edition”.

In terms of pricing, Warner Bros. remained more than reasonable as the print run of 10,000 copies costs “only” $30. As for the 999 “First Epic Edition”, they will be sold for $100 each by Warner Bros. NFTs are for sale on the Eluvio website of This Friday evening at 6 pm.

This first experience for the Warner Bros group should not be the last. The feature film production company has licensed many iconic darkroom projects, such as the recent jokerby Todd Phillips. With its WB Movieverse initiative, Warner plans to launch other NFTs in the future.

Currently, the list of affected films is unknown, but the company could focus on the latest theatrical releases and thus promote its film with NFTs. In a statement to the press, a Warner Bros spokesperson announced that two more NFT drops are expected to occur. “shortly” .

NFTs: A Struggling Market

However, choosing NFTs is a risky gamble for Warner. The company was indeed late in this wildly popular market a year ago, but it has since fallen off its pedestal. NFTs are nowhere near as fashionable as they were a few months ago and fans of the saga Under the spell of the Ringmay not be present during this very first sale.

However, this life-size test must be closely followed by other production groups. NFT related to a movie had never appeared on the web3, so this premiere will be an opportunity to see how successful this arrival is.

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