Top Pak Diplomat Involved In Visa Scam In Europe: Report



A senior Pakistani diplomat, who faced serious allegations of human trafficking in March, is at the heart of a visa scam as he tried to persuade European embassies in Islamabad to illegally obtain visas. visas for Pakistani nationals.

A complaint has been filed against senior Pakistani diplomat Israr Husain by Tariq Javid Khan, a former government official who works in visa matters.

Attached to the request were several emails to different embassies as well as proof of payment made to the accused diplomat, The News International reported.

Husain was working as an extra secretary for Europe and he was trying to persuade European embassies in Islamabad to get visas for Pakistani nationals. He reportedly tried to send around 11 people to Spain.

Husain previously also served as Pakistan’s ambassador to the Czech Republic. Khan alleged that Husain “made an offer to facilitate the issuance of visit, work and residence visas for Italy, the Czech Republic, …

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