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Tow truck driver jailed over ‘predatory’ sex assaults

A predatory tow truck driver stopped sexually assaulting a teenager who refused to sell her car when he was bitten by her dog.

But three months later – while on bail for that assault – Irshadul Abdullah assaulted a 21-year-old in almost identical circumstances.

The former lecturer spontaneously stopped his tow truck outside the 18-year-old’s house on October 22, 2021, offering to buy her car for $250.

When she turned that down the 52-year-old stepped closer and offered $350, which she also declined.

Abdullah wrapped his arms around her shoulders and said she should sell her car so she could continue to buy nice clothes.

When she stepped back, he moved closer, tried to kiss her cheek and brushed his hand up her thigh, to her bottom and breast.

The father-of-six left after being bitten by the teenager’s dog but was charged and released on bail on November 12.

Two months later he went to the house of a 21-year-old to tow her car as part of a planned sale to another person for $700.

While handing over a receipt after negotiating the deal Abdullah grabbed the woman and pulled her towards him, firmly pressing his body against hers, a Queensland Appeal Court judgment says.

Tightening his grip, her kissed her multiple times on the cheek and tried to kiss her lips.

Abdullah was arrested in February 2022 and bailed after one day.

After pleading guilty to two counts of sexual assault, he was sentenced last month to a total 18 months behind bars, suspended after five months.

An application for leave to appeal the sentence on grounds of an error of fact and manifest excess was dismissed by Chief Justice Helen Bowskill on Tuesday.

She described Abdullah’s behaviour as predatory, intimidatory and completely unacceptable.

“The sexual assault was brazen, was not fleeing, and involved some persistence by the applicant, in the face of the complainant stepping away, moving and trying to push him away,” Chief Justice Bowskill said about the first offence.

Sexual motivation appeared to be the main contributor although Abdullah claimed to be showing appreciation, a forensic psychologist found.

Abdullah migrated from Afghanistan in 2014 with his wife and children due to uncertainty of work as a lecturer and threats to his family life.

1800 RESPECT (1800 737 732)

National Sexual Abuse and Redress Support Service 1800 211 028

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