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Trump Obviously Has Some Kind of Psychodrama Going on With Musk

Photo illustration by Thomas Levinson/The Daily Beast/Getty

Photo illustration by Thomas Levinson/The Daily Beast/Getty

Will Twitter really “go crazy” now that new owner Elon Musk has allowed previously banned users like former President Donald Trump back on the platform?

Hosts Will Sommer and Kelly Weill discuss the outlook for the beleaguered social media site on this week’s episode of Fever dreams.

“It seems like Elon Musk’s strategy to keep people coming back has been people with big fanbases with some near-respectability,” Sommer says, predicting that Trump “will come back to Twitter at some point.”

“He [Trump] obviously has this kind of psychodrama with Elon Musk where it’s like, who’s gonna be the big daddy and who’s the little fish? I think this will have to be resolved one way or another.

While Trump has indicated he doesn’t really see the need to return to Twitter, Weill says the man is a “born poster.” I don’t know if he can actually stay away. He is what Elon Musk wants to be.”

Also in the episode, Heidi Beedle, a reporter for the Colorado Times Recorder and host of the Western Fringe podcast, tells Sommer and Weill that anti-LGBT hatred among Colorado Springs community leaders began to peak before this weekend’s shooting. -end at queer club Q.

While politicians’ official response to the shooting has been the standard “thoughts and prayers…Colorado Springs is uniquely conservative, from the City Council to our El Paso County Commissioners.” They’re all pretty much Republican or Conservative before this event,” Beedle said.

Beedle describes an event by controversial conservative cult leader Sean Feucht and conservative author Eric Metaxas in May that included guests like Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO), El Paso County Commissioner Stan VanderWerf and Councilman municipal Dave Donelson, who also suggested drag queens. should be prohibited from using the local library for events.

“If you avoid some of these things, folks, you’re guilty of allowing them to continue,” Metaxas said in Colorado Springs at the time.

On the podcast, Beedle says similar inflammatory comments have been seen “at literally every level of government, from school boards and city councils to the state legislature and the gubernatorial race here in Colorado during mid-term elections”. Beedle cites numerous other examples, including an apology from a vice president of the Colorado Springs District 11 Board of Education after posting a transphobic meme in February.

“We are already seeing elected officials trying to deny and distance themselves from these past statements,” Beedle says. “People have been saying for years that this kind of talk will provoke violence and now that it does, they don’t want to accept any responsibility for it.”

Masculinity influencers want you to eat testicles raw

In the podcast’s “Fresh Hell” segment, Weill discusses the latest cinematic masterpiece from former bounty hunter and right-wing figure Stew Peters, who tries to punch COVID vaccines with the film. Died suddenly.

Weill explains that Peters has compiled “a whole bunch of press clippings from people who have died over the last few years who died suddenly. Must be vaccines.

But sometimes they are not even dead. The film was criticized for suggesting that a basketball player died suddenly while still alive.

“They have a clip of a Florida Gators player [Keyontae Johnson] collapsing on the pitch in December 2020. First, he is not dead. Two, vaccines weren’t available to him at the time. They literally fabricate these incidents,” Weill says.

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