Twitch’s new efforts to block children under the age of 13 from being on the platform


Twitch, Amazon’s live-streaming platform, is taking action on the matter shortly after a Bloomberg report revealed that the platform has become an online arena where attacks on minors, who the Publication itself affected 279,016 children.

In this regard, the company has shared some of the efforts it is beginning to make to prevent minors under the age of 13 from posting user accounts or content on the platform.

The most important measures

First, they indicate that they are Enhancement of “signals” to detect and delete user accounts of children under the age of 13and mechanisms to block users previously banned for being under the age of 13 from creating new accounts.

They also talk about Introduce mandatory pre-screening by phone for accounts deemed potentially vulnerable broadcast live, with the assumption that they may be behind children under the age of 13 with false accounts.

And to these efforts come the Continuous improvement of moderation technology based on reports submitted by users themselvesgiving priority to reviews of reports giving priority to children under the age of 13.

In addition comes the Changing the default settings for the direct messaging feature called Whispersand blocking searches containing specific terms or phrases within the platform.

On all of these points, Twitch has not specified how it will put them into practice, ignoring aspects such as signals, phone verification requirements, or prohibited search terms, among others, when other social media platforms are more precise in their communications A number of social platforms as this is not a Twitch specific issue.

From the platform, they also point out are working with expert organizations reporting on behavior on Twitch as well as broader industry preparedness trends, which will increase their global moderation capacity to proactively target child attacks.

Finally, they point out that the recent acquisition of Spirit AI, an AI specialized in speech processing, will help more nuanced classifiers to detect damage of all kinds in writing.

Learn more: Twitch Security Center

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