Twitter will have colored verification badges in December


Another chapter in the saga of Elon Musk tries to launch new verification stamps for those who use the blue bird social network. In a tweet posted to his account, the richest man announced that despite launching a login for “big” accounts, it’s time to relaunch this feature. Of December 02, 2022, Twitter will identify verified accounts like this:

  • Gray Seal: for government institutions;
  • Gold Seal: for businesses;
  • Blue Badge: for Twitter Blue followers and celebrities.

Elon Musk also announced that human verification will be required for any account owner to earn verification badges. It will be necessary to send a photo proving that a person posts the content so that, then, the identification is inserted next to the name of the Twitter🇧🇷 He called the label’s relaunch “painful but necessary”.

Verification stamps have been a problem since Musk’s administration

O Blue Twitter was relaunched by the new owner of Twitter in early November 2022 and anyone who paid US$8 could have a blue check mark next to their name, similar to news vehicles, celebrities, politicians and major media personalities around the world.

As all people had access to verification seals after making payment, there was a huge effort in which account names were changed to spread fake news. Many people identified themselves as Elon Musk to do ads that were a bit absurd, but ended up making more inattentive people believe.

Fake account with the name of elon musk after signing twitter blue
Mutirão has caused great confusion among the most inattentive users (Photo: Reproduction / Internet)

The world’s richest man not only stopped selling verification badges to everyone, but announced that “parody accounts” would be permanently banned from Twitter without notice. Another way to solve this problem was to launch an identification under the account name: governments, media and companies got a second written verification. Official🇧🇷 See example:

One of the verification stamps issued after Elon Musk bought Twitter
The ‘official’ seal was launched alongside a new rule aimed at preventing fake news (Screen capture: Victor Pacheco/Showmetech)

But Musk has yet to figure out how to make Twitter profitable after the $44 billion investment. The new verification badges will be available from December 2, 2022 and we can’t wait to see how everything works out in practice.

Do you believe that news can help make the bluebird social network safer? Tell us comments🇧🇷

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With info: The Verge l Tech Crunch

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