Two charged over missing Vic man’s murder


A second man has been charged with murder following the disappearance of Christopher Jarvis from area Victoria 16 years ago.

Hours after Glenn Ernest Fenwick, 59, was charged by Warrnambool Magistrates Court with the murder of Mr Jarvis, police say a 70-year-old man from Wangoom has also been charged with a count murder charge.

Mr Jarvis, 38, has not been seen since leaving his family home in Wangoom, near Warrnambool, around 6am on June 13, 2006.

When he did not arrive at work, staff contacted Mr Jarvis’ partner at around 7.30am. His car was found on fire at the Warrnambool Coastal Lookout in Thunder Point about half an hour later.

Detectives arrested Fenwick and a 70-year-old man on Tuesday, following a fresh appeal for information about Mr Jarvis’ disappearance.

Both men have since been charged with murder.

The 70-year-old has been remanded in custody and will face court in Warrnambool on Thursday.

Fenwick faced court in person on Wednesday afternoon. Police will allege he murdered Mr Jarvis in Wangoom on the day he was last seen, according to court documents.

Two of Mr Jarvis’ distressed family members showed up in court for Fenwick’s brief hearing, yelling at the alleged murderer.

“You have to understand that it was my father that this fucking murderer murdered,” one man said.

“Hope you like watching your fucking kids grow up, you dog,” one woman said.

Magistrate Simon Guthrie replied: “I’m sorry this is distressing to you.”

Fenwick suffered multiple heart attacks and has an acquired brain injury, the court heard.

His lawyer Kerry Schroeder has requested that Fenwick be medically assessed when he is transported to prison in Melbourne.

“Given the stress of the situation, we would ask him to do a full medical examination,” she told the court.

Ms Schroeder said it was not the first time Fenwick had been in custody, but it had been “a significant number of years” since he had been in jail.

Fenwick was taken into custody and will next face trial in April 2023.

Victoria Police said detectives were continuing to search for Mr Jarvis’ remains.

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