Valve is about to release a new VR headset?


Valve already produced a virtual reality headset with the Index three years ago, but a new product is on the way.

The Valve company launched the Index three years ago, a virtual reality headset for PC. The product is still available in stores today for just under €1,000. But for 36 months, the sector has developed enormously. Valve produces in larger numbers and the company recently posted a vacancy.

The company said it was looking for a qualified individual to “support and ship” a new VR headset. It was enough to revive the rumors of a new product from the brand. Already at the origins of the Steam Deck (a handheld game console), Valve has managed to make its place in the world of video games, especially on PC.

A rather sober patent

As early as May 2021, the company’s CEO assured that it was necessary to ” large investments in new helmets. A promise that seems to have been fulfilled when a patent filed by the company has just been made public. The latter mainly focuses on the technique used to hold the straps to game controllers. Called in this patent ” Electronic controller with linear hand strap adjustment“, Valve is providing some information on what its next virtual reality headset could be.

In particular, the brand explains that the product would also be detectable thanks to the helmet worn by the player, but also thanks to a series of “stationary tracking beacons” that, according to its own words, would be placed around the user. Note that a very similar patent was already made public last June without Valve talking about it.

Valve Index: An outdated VR headset

Today, the Index, the brand’s only virtual reality headset, is one of the most advanced products on the market. Despite its advanced age for a new technology product, the helmet still has one of the most powerful and accurate audio systems. The biggest black spot of this product remains on the screen with an image resolution of “only” 1600×1440 per eye. A figure that has since been surpassed by the Meta Quest 2 and the PICO 4.

Competing with billion-dollar companies like Meta, Valve, founded in 1996, tries to compete as much as possible. At the moment, Valve has not made an official announcement to announce the arrival of a new virtual reality headset, but “Deckard(the internal codename) could hit the market sometime in 2023.

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