Venmo makes it easy to donate to charity through the app


Venmo makes it easier to donate to a charity, whether it’s local or international.

The idea is that users don’t get too complicated when they decide to contribute their grain of sand to a cause and can make their donations through the app’s new feature.

So you can make a donation from Venmo

Venmo is making exciting changes to its iOS and Android apps to make giving to charity easier. And for that, users just have to use the new feature that they can find in the search box.

With a click on the app search engine, you will see the new option “Donate”. From there, Venmo allows you to browse organizations’ profiles from the same app to initiate the transaction and complete the donation:

Browse by category to find verified charities supporting causes close to your heart. Or search by location to find the ones closest to your home.

This allows users to search for local charities to support their work, or browse the different categories to find the cause you would like to support with your donation.

For this dynamic to work, the organization must have a profile on Venmo. Let’s remember that PayPal published this invitation for organizations back in October, detailing how they can create a profile in Venmo by following the steps shown in this link.

All organizations that appear in Venmo are verified by PayPal and have an in-app tab to learn more about their work. And of course you can make the donation from your in-app balance or use the bank account or cards linked to your account.

And to infect others and encourage them to donate, Venmo will also allow users to share the action with their friends and contacts on social networks.

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