Victorian Greens’ ambitious plan to boost state’s school funding


The Victorian Greens have developed an ambitious billion dollar plan to transform the state’s public education sector.

The party, which currently has four state MPs, has pledged to invest $1.46 billion more than Labor or the Liberals over the next five years in public schools in Victoria.

Additional funds would be used to hire more teachers and support staff to reduce class sizes and better support disadvantaged students.

Greens education spokesman Sam Hibbins said Victorian schools are underfunded by a billion dollars each year under the current schools funding agreement between the state and the federal government.

“Every family should have access to a high-quality, truly free local public school,” he said.

“But parents have to pay thousands of dollars while state and federal governments leave Victorian schools among the least funded schools in the country,” he said.

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Camera iconSam Hibbins said schools across the state are currently underfunded by more than $1 billion. Josie Hayden Credit: News Corp Australia

“We will end the uncertainty for school communities by giving them the assurance that their local public school will have the high quality facilities they need.

On Monday morning, Prime Minister Daniel Andrews pledged to invest an additional $1.6 billion in upgrading schools, kindergartens and sports facilities in Victoria if he is re-elected next month.

More than $25 million of those funds would go towards planning more than two dozen new schools in Melbourne.

“It’s about every child having every opportunity in the state of education,” he said.

“It’s about thousands of jobs and it’s about making sure the best teaching and learning comes with the best facilities.”

The package includes $850 million to fund work at 89 existing elementary and secondary schools across the state.

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