Volkswagen boss no longer believes in Apple Car idea


Volkswagen boss Herbert Diess doesn’t think Apple will ever produce an Apple Car. The Apple should be limited to CarPlay.

Herbet Diess is a strong voice in the automotive world. The CEO of Volkswagen, the largest group in the world, is a real institution, he took over the reins of the German brand in 2018 after the Dieselgate scandal. Questioned a few days ago about the issue of a hypothetical “Apple Car,” Diess was more than hesitant.

“I’m not sure if Apple will actually bring cars to market,” he said in a speech at the “hub. Berlin”. According to him, Apple will limit its role to that of CarPlay, which will become an essential feature for the “cockpit” of tomorrow’s cars in the coming years.

CarPlay the Apple solution for the car world

Diess joins the latest announcements from the Cupertino company, which plans to offer a brand new version of CarPlay by the end of 2023. This should be a significant improvement on the system we already know. According to Diess, this update will be Apple’s only foray into the automotive world.

As a reminder, the project of an Apple Car goes back almost 10 years at Apple. Internally dubbed ‘Titan’, this program would lead to the construction and mass marketing of a new kind of car, electric, connected and as autonomous as possible. But unfortunately for Apple, not everything went as planned.

An Apple Car too complicated to produce

Indeed, the Cupertino company has experienced significant delays in the design of this hypothetical car and, based on the rare information we have, has failed to enter into a partnership with any car manufacturer. If the talks with Hyundai were well advanced, the Korean group would have eventually withdrawn, not wanting to become an Apple vassal and would only serve as a subcontractor of the Apple brand, in the same way as Foxconn or LG Display (which supplies iPhone screens). to apple).

If there is no partner to carry out the production of an Apple connected car, the project may not have gone ahead and we may never see an Apple Car driving the streets of France. If the Apple Car never saw the light of day, Apple would have spent a fortune on a project that many have been waiting for, both among the public and among Apple’s shareholders, who are betting on a skyrocketing share price when they leave Apple. car.

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