Volkswagen brand won’t use Scout platform for EV ute – report


Volkswagen is working on a new electric vehicle platform for its rugged Scout ute and SUV, but that won’t underpin a VW-badged electric ute.

Automotive News Europe reports that Volkswagen’s global brand manager, Thomas Schäfer, has said there are no plans to use this “rugged SUV” platform, at least not this decade, for an electric utility vehicle. Volkswagen brand.

“At the moment, our focus on the range does not include it,” Schäfer said.

“Right now we have a clear lineup through the second half of this decade. Again, in the US market, if you’re not playing in certain segments, you have to stay in a certain market share area. But the question of [VW’s new Rugged SUV platform] is not our priority at the moment.

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That doesn’t rule out a Volkswagen-branded model on this platform in the next decade, however, Scout Motors CEO Scott Keogh telling the publication in May: “This platform could, could provide an opportunity for… other vehicles of the group. Yes. I want to be clear on this point: this platform could certainly offer an opportunity for non-Scout vehicles”

The first Scout-branded vehicles will be unveiled in concept form in 2023, ahead of production from 2026.

These are being developed with the North American market in mind, and Volkswagen has not confirmed whether they will be offered elsewhere.

While the Volkswagen brand might not get a utility on a dedicated EV platform this decade, it could release an electric utility in the form of an Amarok.

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“We are considering a purely electric version,” Lars Krause, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle board member responsible for marketing, told Autocar earlier this year.

“It’s still early days, but it’s something we’re looking at in the lifecycle.”

The Amarok’s body-on-frame architecture accommodates an electric drivetrain and battery, according to Krause.

“We think it’s possible. Obviously, we would need to modify some elements. But yes, we are seriously considering an electric variant,” Krause said.

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Autocar reports that the Amarok EV could be launched by 2025.

The next-generation Volkswagen Amarok, expected here in early 2023, shares its underpinnings with the redesigned Ford Ranger.

Mr Krause seemed less enthusiastic about an Amarok plug-in hybrid despite the brand selling a wide range of plug-in hybrid models in Europe.

“For the moment, we are not satisfied with the electric autonomy of the plug-in hybrid. I would never say never, but we are leaning more towards an all-electric version,” Mr. Krause told Autocar.

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Ford of Europe effectively confirmed last year that it would launch a plug-in hybrid Ranger by 2024, with the company saying it aims to have its commercial vehicle range “zero emissions capable” by this year.

Subsequently, Ford’s T6 platform chief engineer, Ian Foston, confirmed that the Ranger was designed for electrification.

“The platform life cycle can be up to 10 to 12 years. We said, well, clearly electrification is going to be something we have to consider going forward,” Mr Foston said.

“So we made sure the platform was capable of that. And we built electrification into it, to make sure that all the different propulsion technologies could fit into the platform in the future.

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Much of the design and engineering of the second-generation Volkswagen ute was handled in Australia, led by Ford’s Victorian R&D team.

However, Volkswagen had its team working alongside the program.

Autocar suggests an electric Amarok and Ranger – the latter a more affordable and compact alternative to the F-150 Lightning – could be produced in the US, with the US-market version of the Ranger soon to go into production at a plant in Wayne. , Michigan.

With the exception of a few Chinese EVs, including the LDV eT60 and the upcoming Radar RD6, most electric pickups are at the larger end of the spectrum.

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These include the aforementioned F-150 Lightning, as well as the Rivian R1T, GMC Hummer EV, and upcoming Chevrolet Silverado EV and Ram 1500 BEV.

Although no Scout-based Volkswagen electric vehicle is in the works, the brand is developing other great electric vehicles.

Automotive News Europe reports that a large three-row crossover – possibly called the ID.8 – is set to enter production at the company’s Tennessee plant alongside the similarly sized combustion Atlas, while a Long wheelbase ID. Buzz is coming which can also be produced in North America.

Volkswagen also previewed its next large sedan in concept form as the ID. Aero.

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