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Message to Friends fans, Central Perk and other iconic places in the series are coming to France.

Friends almost 18 years ago. The sitcom carried by Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox and Matt Leblanc continues to hold an important place in the hearts of fans. The gathering organized by HBO had also confirmed the impression the series has left on pop culture. In France, the meeting during the broadcast on TF1 brought more than 4.5 million viewers. There are also many derivative products, such as Lego, which unveiled the ideal gift for fans of the series last year.

But for those who want to live the experience Friends otherwise this is probably the ideal output. The Central Perk, Monica’s apartment and the mythical fountain are coming to Paris for a few months. After great successes in Boston, Chicago and New York, The Friends Experience packs its bags in the French capital.

Central advantage
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The Central Perk is coming to Paris

From November 21 to January 23, the exhibition comes to the Porte de Versailles. In the heart of Paris Expo, several iconic sets from the series come to life. Visitors can stroll through Monica’s kitchen, sit on the orange sofa by the fountain, or even take a short break in Joey and Chandler’s very comfortable armchairs. For the occasion, the mythical decors have been reproduced identically. There is no question of staying behind a rope or window sensibly here, you can live the experience to the fullest.

Playing table football with your friends, drinking a (dummy) coffee at Central Perk, everything has been thought of to give fans of the first hour a ride full of memories. Memories etched in your memory, but also on paper since it is possible to take a break in several places. Employees can also take a few photos with your mobile phone, if you don’t want to pay 10 euros to offer you the photo in the mythical golden frame.

Peter Van Roden, Vice President of Theme Entertainment at Warner Bros explains: “With The FRIENDS Experience we can immerse visitors in the world of FRIENDS. We can’t wait to launch this immersive experience for European fans.”

The visit lasts half an hour and you will be divided into small groups. During the evening reserved for the press, we did not notice any traffic jams near the various locations. The experience is fluid, you can take your time to admire the view from Monica and Rachel’s apartment. We warn you right away, the naked gentleman has clearly taken a day off.

The perfect experience to offer

If you are a fan of Friendsand that you have friends who are too, Friends Experience could be the perfect gift to put under the tree. The experience is also much better with multiple people, as you can exchange your memories of the series as you progress through the sets. It should be noted that if the creators have a sense of detail, the place remains quite noisy. This is also the only thing that could take you out of the immersion a bit.

We conclude the visit with a small detour through the food stands, all inspired by the iconic dishes from the series. You can taste the mythical New York pizza or sandwich thanksgiving from Monica. Watch out, Joey doesn’t share his food. Finally, after enjoying all its little treats, you should take a short detour to the store. memories which is full of exclusive items. A sweatshirt, a cup, or even Joey’s stuffed animal, the credit card can get hot. The prices are between 10 and 40 euros for what we could see.

To discover the universe of Friends life size, it is from November 21 to January 23 that Warner Bros and Superfly X give us an appointment. Tickets are already on sale and are very popular. It costs 25 euros for an adult and 20 euros for children.

If you want to enjoy the experience with friends, the Friends package gives you six entries for the price of five. VIP tickets are also on the agenda, which are sold at 37.50 euros for adults.

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