What Are Doubloons on TikTok, and Why Are They So Popular?


If you used the TikTok short video app at all over the past few years, you’ve probably encountered one or more strange issues and trends that have spread like wildfire.

The latest news is that ICT Tac started another strange and confusing trend. This one involves duplicates, a type of cryptocurrency, and videos of a cat, which is said to be “give” duplicates to users.

What are duplicates on TikTok?

For those interested in history, a “duplicate” was once a unit of the old Spanish currency. Double-sided gold coins were used as currency, and both sides bore images of sunken pirate ships and buried treasure. The Pirates of the Caribbean film series popularized a phrase first used in 1622. The new fashion, however, has nothing to do with Spanish coins.

The current craze for doubloons dates back to a digital currency which is widely used on thThe TikTok video sharing platform. Soup, coats, blankets, salad, and even services can all be purchased with digital currency. Inflation has increased, many netizens say, because people are spending their hard-earned money on doubloons.

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People are worried about the rising value of currency, even though coins can be stored in a digital bank. The origin of the fashion remains a mystery, but it has clearly gone viral and is now featured in many Internet memes.

What is the value of a duplicate?

Doubloon is a cryptocurrency with a coin value of $0.000478 USD which is listed on Cmarket capitalization. The platform also indicates that as of November 22, there were 4,845,824 DBL coins in circulation. Expect changes in these numbers, however, as the currency has now grown in popularity.

Some people are still confused about the trend in the meantime. One user commented, “I thought everyone made pirate jokes and duplicate jokes; I didn’t know you actually got them from a game, I’m so confused.

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One person tweeted: “Why is there a TikTok trend where a cat distributes and sells things for doubloons, why does it indebt people for doubloons, why are there thieves who steal doubloons, where does the cat for doubloons come from and how is it already become so big? Another person tweeted: “Why does this cause people to go into debt in duplicates?”

Meaning of the cat and its role in the trend

This whole trend has resulted in a a slew of cat memestare you with their outstretched paws. As many TikTokers have pointed out, you can earn duplicates by simply following the chat instructions in the videos on your For You page.

If you scrupulously follow the rules, you can amass a large amount of digital currency and use it effectively. However, we must caution you against using “infinite” duplicate generators, as many people believe it to be a scam.

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Additionally, the cat decides how many doubloons should be charged for anything, and the cute creature displays the figure with its paw. However, as demand constantly fluctuates, there is no hard limit or markup on the cost.

What is the opinion of the online audience?

Those who tried the “Duplicate Challenge” on TikTok are confused. Users participate in the trend by engage in a variety activities to earn virtual currency, which can then be used to purchase a variety of objects in the game.

No one knows what started the craze, but now many are dedicating hours each day to racking up as many duplicates as possible. Other Twitter users took to the platform to express their confusion over the trend.

Some fear that the trend is a form of gambling due to users spending real money to get virtual currency.

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