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Some slang words seem to be unique to certain social media platforms and their subcultures, which may be confusing to some. For example, many TikTok users want to know what “medium” means on the short video platform.

Can you explain what “Mid” of Tiktok means?

Some slang terms are completely incomprehensible, but others, as “medium”, are actually quite obvious.

Synonyms of “mediocre”, “average” is a convenient abbreviation. The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Blind Side and the discographies of Taylor Swift and Drake all fall into this category; this does not mean that they are bad or even average works.

Then there’s this trending Tiktok video below

On TikTok, “Average” usually means someone or something is getting an excessive amount of positive attention. Although many people hope to be praised for their work on the Internet, you can be sure that many others will also be willing to express their opinions.

People will now call their work a “medium” if they’re going to post it online, whether it’s a drawing, a song remix or an edited video, in an effort to silence the critics who might be offended by their best work. instead of, you know, reaching for the stars and fully engaging in their work.

People who try to shield themselves from criticism from those who are quick to point out flaws in their content by using the word “average” are selling themselves the illusion of “I could do it if I tried.”

Mids is also slang for a particular variety of weed

An accusation of smoking psychics is a light serious, according to Urban Dictionary “The ultimate insult to someone who desperately needs top condition but has to settle for buying a few mediums for the sole purpose of rolling and smoking them. The use of such insult should not be taken lightly unless of course the user is constantly smoking blunts.

It’s hard to blame someone for being in the middle of their life.

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Calling out someone for eating fast food would be tantamount to telling them that they regularly eat McDonald’s. It’s okay to criticize Kim and Kanye for eating at Mickey D’s, even if it suggests a pretentious attitude. Don’t fly in the middle, okay? Thanks.

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