What is the Cause Behind Dorothy Stratten Death?


The Canadian playboy and playmate actress has passed away, this news has made the hearts of millions shiver and she was only twenty when she died on August 14, 1980. Alright, let’s talk about the career of Dorothy Stratton and how she was renamed.

What is the cause of death of Dorothy Stratten

It was in 1978 in Stratton that opportunity knocked on the door of her fortune, which helped her launch a lost career in Los Angeles, to which she gave her professional nude photos to Playboy Magazine which became super hits, later on his death. several of her films and documentaries directed by her.

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You have come to the right place to learn more about Dorothy Stratten’s death and what exactly is the cause of her death.

Dorothy Stratten is a teenage girl who serves ice cream to the Newspaper Queen in Vancouver, Canada. The reporter says she was murdered by her husband Paul Snider, who was twenty-nine, and they also said she was raped before she was murdered.

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Well, let’s look at how Dorothy Stratten and Paul Snider met and got married, in 1977 they met during an operation for professional photos which were then sent to Playboy magazine. later they got married in 1979 and sometimes separated in 1980 due to some reasons.

Dorothy Stratten once said in the interview “I never thought about a separation between me and Paul Snider”.

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Rest in Peace Dorothy Stratten,

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