What’s new from Google Cloud for game developers


There is no doubt that the video game sector is quite a thriving sector and tech companies know this so well that despite the failures that may have occurred due to the change, they continue to bet on this segment, albeit in a different way. .

With the closure of Stadia, Google promised to continue to support game developers, which is now being realized in the form of official club between the cloud gaming team with SuperGaming, a startup company based in India, and the owner of its games engine called SuperPlatform.

Being the best option for matches with live ops against rivals

This association will offer superplatform to all game developers around the world so they can manage live operations that require cloud services such as matchmaking, progression and player data as well as analytics, server scaling and merchandising.

SuperPlatform was originally designed to serve as the game engine for the company’s own titles, although in 2019 it began opening up to other developers via a licensing system.

Initially, they chose AWS infrastructure, but two years ago chose Google Cloud for its technological advantages, which has forged a close relationship between the two organizations ever since.

Still, game developers who want to keep using SuperPlatform on AWS can go ahead, although according to Roby John, co-founder and CEO of SuperGaming, 70% of the developers using this game engine are currently using Google Cloud. in an interview with TechCrunch.

Still, developers can opt for the live operating solutions offered by Google Cloud’s competitors, although the combination of Google Cloud and SuperGaming will offer different aspects that could tip the scales in their favor.

SuperGaming titles include TowerConquest: Metaverse Edition, a proprietary free Web3 game that works like the other proprietary titles on Google Cloud, to which Indus will be added soon.

Photo credit: SuperGaming

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