WhatsApp will have an official chat within the app to share the news with you


There are many upcoming developments that will arrive in the WhatsApp app in the coming months. And many others that are still being tested in the beta versions of the application on the different platforms.

And one of the updates that we hope will be implemented soon has to do with a dynamic that we’ve already seen in Telegram that makes it easier for users to know all the app’s news. We’ll tell you what it’s all about.

WhatsApp will have an official chat to share news and advice

One of the options that we find in Telegram and that has not yet been implemented in WhatsApp is that there is an official chat to automatically report any updates that the app receives, as well as other important information.

This way you can easily find out if there is an update coming in the application or know what new features are coming with the new version. And soon this dynamic will also arrive at WhatsApp.

As mentioned in WABetaInfo, WhatsApp will have an official chat within the application as a communication tool. You will use this chat to report app updates, news, tips, tricks, among other things.

And of course it is not possible to consult in the chat, since it is only informative, so it is read only. As with any chat within WhatsApp, if we are not interested in receiving this type of information, we can mute or block it.

Apparently, this new option will be available in both the WhatsApp mobile apps and the desktop version for Windows. At the moment this is a feature in development that hasn’t even reached beta testers yet.

So we’ll have to wait for it to go through its different phases to see this official WhatsApp chat in the stable version of the application.

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