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With the first episode released on October 31, 2010, The Walking Dead became a rage soon after its debut. The zombie universe was explored in games, movies, and now series, and TWD served fans everything and more than they expected. 12 years after its premiere, the great series is coming to an end, and if you don’t know where to catch its latest episodes, check it out!

End of The Walking Dead!

The Walking Dead it’s been a flawed, sometimes frustratingly for some, series with incredible ups and downs over the last 12 years of its existence. As with any other series, many beloved characters are gone and many more remain, but who will be left to tell the story until the end?

The Walking Dead: where to watch the final season
The scene shows Daryl and Carol in the last episode of the series. Picture: Games Games

The long-awaited series finale manages to give the cast, some of whom have been in the story since the pilot episode, a heartfelt conclusion to the character in every way, making the good times shine brighter and covering up some of the show’s imperfections. .

Where to watch The Walking Dead?

The official streaming platform for the final season of The Walking Dead and the Star+, Disney AffiliateπŸ‡§πŸ‡· This streaming service has three plans that offer different values ​​and benefits, take a look:

  • Star+ formula: BRL 32.90 monthly;
  • Combo+ formula: BRL 45.90 monthly. In addition to Star+, Disney+ is also included;
  • Full package: BRL 55.90 monthly. The package includes Star+, Disney+ and the StarzPlay channel.

You can also watch the 11th season of The Walking Dead through the platform clear tv+which can be subscribed individually for BRL 59.90 per month, and is also part of Claro’s cable TV plans.

Are you excited for the end of the series? Tell us comments your impressions of the episodes.

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