Why Did LOONA Agency Remove Chuu From Group? Know About Singer Controversy


Chuu will no longer be a member of K-pop girl group Loona. Yes, you read that correctly. Recently, BlockBerryCreative announced that they were dropping Chuu from the group and since then the issue has become a topic of interest for many. In issuing a statement, the company said it is informing fans that it has decided the artist will be kicked out and removed as a member of the group effective November 25, 2022. Let’s find out what happened and why is removed from the group in the article below and get all the details.

Why did the LOONA agency remove Chuu from the group?

Let us tell you that last year there was a lot of speculation about Chuu but the agency didn’t release any statement to avoid any drama or controversy. There is no doubt that the group was worried that they would not receive enough support from the fans. Well, keeping the matter private for a long time, the agency finally revealed that they were removing Chuu from the group and would no longer be a part of it.

Following the news, fans flooded the internet with posts related to the artist. When talking about why Chuu was fired from Loona, it is announced that she used violent language towards one of the staff members. Yes, Chuu allegedly abused ger power with a staff member who has been exposed now. The agency said the matter came to light after a lengthy investigation.

Agency representatives…

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